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April 11, 2016

She's Gone...

I am a little behind in Magaly's April Challenge.

My mother passed on April 1st.
I have truly been happy her soul is set free,
from the demons I will never know.
I realized today, that I too am free,
and the little girl inside can be healed.

Today's Challenge is to create a "Triquain Swirl Poem".
I am on the fast-track learning poems process.
So here it goes:
"Flowers for my Mother"
This painting was used on an earlier post in March or April.
"She is Gone"

She is gone
Her spirit set free
To go where they ultimately go
Ripping outside this realm to the beautiful side
Where her spirit is dancing, no pain
To be with those who wait
Life here's done
For that I know for sure
So lift up your glass and drink and dance
She has been set free from her miserable life
There she no longer needs that drama
No more lies to tell them
Life here's gone

Okay, hope I did that one right? It's my first try and I have to say writing with direction is letting me let go of the past and realize that I am becoming the real me now, no judgement, no lies about me to still be shocked by. After all these years, I am also set free.

Hugs, Rasz


Gina said...

I am so happy for you...in that you now feel free to finally be you. And happy that your mum is no longer in torment. Writing is a wonderful way to release frustrations. It has the added bonus, that you don't have to tell readers if it is a fantasy or from real life. Your words can be just that, words. So a secret can be shared without anyone knowing for sure.
Blessings and healing XXX

Magic Love Crow said...

I am so proud of you Robin! I am so happy for you! Now you can finally be you! I am also happy your mom is at peace! I truly think writing these poems have done wonders for you! You can truly write! Maybe a new calling for you? Love you my friend! Big Healing Hugs!

Magaly Guerrero said...

There are few things that feel as good as being able to release the frustrations that keep us captive. Some of us find freedom in life changes, others (especially those who have lived an long life and are in pain) are giving freedom by Death. May we all dance in the place we belong, until we see each other again.

P.S. I agree with Gina, writing is great therapy. I self-medicate with words all the time. ♥

Gloria said...

Your painting is beautiful. What Gina, Stacy, and Magaly have said are words true and worth repeating. I hope you grow in freedom and peace.

Sharon Rawson said...

Keep writing! Your poem is a beautiful release of many things!

De said...

This is just beautiful. Writing is healing. Always.

Rommy said...

What a lovely tribute! I'll echo what several people have said - writing is potent therapy with the added bonus of touching others as well. :)