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March 15, 2016

Sunshine, a Raven and a plate of taquitos...

It has been a beautiful, sunny day today.
The very needed rain has taken a break to let the sun shine in.
I would have posted earlier except that the sun was calling me and my dog for walks and a look at the yard and what was coming up in the big "surprise" pots sitting around.
It is nice to see some green again after everything being brown and dead from the drought.

Needless to say, I got very little art in...
actually none.
Here is the progress on my Raven.
Last Friday's PPF stage

Since then, I wanted the leaves to have more texture since the Raven was created with
Liquitex Modeling Paste.
I cut out the leaves from leftover pieces of paintable, textured wallpaper that I have been using to cover up all the ugly paneling in my house.

Added more color, mainly brushing on different colors of Tim Holtz's Distress Spray Stain to the leaves.
Each color was nice but more color was better.
Here is my painting after about half a dozen more layers of color:

I used the textured wallpaper again to make stems.
The stems have been yellow, orange, gold, purple and now brown.
Here's a close up:

There is still more to do, it's a pretty good start.
I love playing with all these colors!

Below is a plate of taquitos that my son's girlfriend made for me:

Now that is a work of art!!!
It was so delicious and so beautiful!
It really was hard to disturb this scrumptious plate,
somehow I managed and it was GRRRRRRREAT!!!!
Almost forgot to mention that this came with a bowl of homemade,
roasted tomato and jalepeno salsa...mmm....

Hope everyone's week is going good so far. 

1 comment:

Magic Love Crow said...

Robin, you have made me really hungry! LOL! Looks so yummy! Next time, I am coming over! ! LOL! Your Raven is looking amazing! WOW! So much work! So much detail! One never truly knows the work that goes into creating something! I hope you do something special with this piece! There is a lot of love in it! Yeh for sun! Enjoy! We haven't had sun for awhile!!! Well, that's a lie, maybe 15 minutes a day! LOL! Big Hugs and Much Love!