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February 07, 2016

A very sunny Sunday...29 Faces...Face #6...

Happy Sunday!
Here is my Face #6.

I looked backed on my faces from the 2014 Challenge
And I created "faces", rushed through drawings
without much thought.

This time my faces are calling me to create!
They want details. They want color. They want a soul.
And most of all, they want to be loved!

When I would watch Guada create faces, she would always say;
"Oh, I love, love, love her!", and I would wonder what that felt like.

I am now learning what that feels like and it's GREAT!
SO...that is what I am feeling in my faces.
I want to know who they are and where they came from.

The eyes are the mirror into our soul, someone said.
I realize the eyes in my faces are an opening to something, somewhere,
to someone.

So what are YOU learning from YOUR faces?

Have a GREAT Sunday, and see you tomorrow.


Tracy said...

Her eyes definitely capture you! She looks strong and ready for anything.

Giggles said...

She is soulful, but her lips seem to tell me she is contemplating!! Nice work!

Hugs Giggles

denthe said...

She looks like: "Bring it on, I'm ready for anything!" :-) I know what you mean, I love how each of my faces have their own character, and how it's possible to create different characters every day.

505whimsygirl said...

She's beautiful. It looks like she's contemplating life; what lays ahead and where she's been. I haven't really drawn faces (except my She Art). You definitely hit on something with the eyes.


Magic Love Crow said...

Beautiful, truly beautiful! I am glad you are taking your time and loving what you are creating! I love the eyes on this face! I can see her soul! I really love her! I love her lips too and her hair! Great job!

Amanda Trought said...

I so agree with you, our images we draw have a story to tell and it is our job to bring them to a place where they can do that. I really love how that happens, it is usually from a background for me. Looking forward to seeing more:)

Magaly Guerrero said...

Love her hair and her colors. And I'm wondering what put that serious expression on her face...