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February 29, 2016

29 Faces of February...the last day...

Today is the last day of the 29 Faces of February Challenge!
I made it and did all 29 faces.
That was a big challenge just for myself,
and I feel so proud.


and #29

Big thanks to thank 6B KOH-I-NOOR
Progresso woodless graphite pencil,
my erasers and my blending stick
for all of their hard work:

A big thank you to my Muse.
And another big thank you my dog Buddy,
for not trying to play ball when I was drawing.
Look at this cute face: 

This was a GREAT Challenge and I learned so much throughout it.
I have come a long way since the last Challenge in 2014.
Who knew I could even draw?

I appreciate everyone who visited me and left such encouraging,
inspiring and happy comments!
I think that is what keeps all of us bloggers going.

to the host of this Challenge
Without her there would be no Challenge
and it would have just been February.

I am ready to paint and create.
What about you?

See you in a couple days!
Big hugs to all!


APG Jamie said...

they are great!

I got a bit behind & have 2 more to go - le sigh I will complete this challenge yet again


Sweet Things said...

Great way to finish this challenge - we got there!! Keep being creative xx

Magic Love Crow said...

These two new faces are so beautiful! They are saying a lot! You have really grown with your art! Congrats on finishing the 29 faces! You did great my friend. Robin, you asked if I had any idea what to do with your drawings, because you don't like throwing out your art. Well, how about applying them on to your canvases? Paint over top of them? You could leave some of them showing or not, up to you.
Just to let you know, Facebook won't let me change my name, so I won't be coming back. I will keep trying, but for now, I will be blogging, that is it!
Big Hugs!

Ester said...

Well done Rasz, we did it! Challenge was so much fun and when it was hard to find time or even think what to draw I thought how encouraging other bloggers have been. So like you said, others were a great help on this journey! Let's keep our pencils busy :).