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February 12, 2016

29 Faces in February, Face 8&9, I think...

Happy Day 12 in 29 Faces in February!
Thank you Ayala Art for hosting this fun Challenge.
It's great, it's learning, it's fun and it's meeting new blogging friends,
and who could ever have enough blogging friends?

I'm behind in posting and am posting the last two I have downloaded.
I am having an epidural in a couple hours so hopefully be back to more myself this afternoon.

Face 8:

I found my Prismcolor colored pencils and thought I would try them again.
As you can tell from her hair, I could not get that complete coverage I like or had to continually sharpen my pencils which added to my frustrations.

I used the Koh-l-Noor Progresso woodless colored pencils.
I LOVE my Progresso woodless pencils!
I gave my Prismcolor pencils to my son's girlfriend.

And Face # 9:

I went back to my woodless pencils on her.
She was fun and has a little attitude.
I want to try a series of her.

(This will be me when I loose weight!)

I have more however do not have time this morning to download them and get them posted.
I won't be posting more today and maybe not tomorrow,
or out visiting on the computer.
I have to see how the epidural goes.

Have an AWESOME day!
Hopefully I will be seeing everyone tomorrow or Sunday!

Hugs, Rasz


Ester said...

These area great works! I like that attitude on her :).

Magic Love Crow said...

Epidural! Ouch! I hope you are ok! Love them both, but your attitude girl rocks!!! Big Hugs!

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

I don't know how I missed this. Wonderful. Love the attitude.

SwirlyGirl said...

Love these two faces - they are so expressive. I look forward to seeing some more with the "attitude" she is fab :)