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January 22, 2016

It's Paint Party Friday and it's raining...

It is pouring here in Northern California, water we have needed for so long.
Prayers going up for everyone in the Mid-West and East Coast
getting hit by another super storm.

It seems nothing can stop our wonderful hostesses
Eva and Kristin for hosting this amazing and fun World-Wide blog hop
to see what everyone is up to each week.

I painted the background canvas I showed two weeks ago.
From this:

To this:

Sorry about the other stuff in this picture.
My mouse died and I don't know how to crop without it.
If anyone can tell me I would really appreciate it.
Do you see anything in the center of this background?
Let me know in the comments please.

Here is my waterproof purse that I made and painted.
The designs of the purse are from homemade stamps.
It's a stiff purse and holds it shape really well.
I have gotten so many compliments on this one,
I think I am going to make some more.
It's 10-1/2" tall without counting the handle.
7" wide and 3-1/2" on the bottom and sides.

I finally finished painting the left side of my kitchen.
Since I can only do a little every day,
I am REALLY proud!


Had to paint the old 70's handles and hinges,
so I prepped them with gesso and then painted them with
acrylic paint and some translucent medium thrown in.
I think it came out great!

Wow, my post was longer than I expected.
If you made it this far, thank you so much!
Have a great and safe week. 


Linda Kunsman said...

Boy have you been busy! LOVE how the white brightens your kitchen. Wish hubby would let me do that in ours...
Lovely purse. I see a woman walking towards the right from the center of your background painting. It'll be fun to see what you come up with to finish it.
I am awaiting the first of that nasty snow storm to appear which apparently is any moment now here in PA. Praying we don't lose power. Happy PPF!

Valerie-Jael said...

Your kitchen is looking so much better, well done. Love the painting, I see a figure in the middle....Happy PPF, Valerie

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

I love your painting and the purse is lovely! Your kitchen looks beautiful. You've been very busy! I'm lost without my mouse, I'm afraid I can't help there...

Faye said...

You are so versatile!!! Your "new" kitchen looks wonderfully brighter and bigger than before. Great job! I like your pretty background. Are you going to collage on top or leave it a background? And the purse is fantastic. I cannot imagine how you made it but it is delightful.

Faye said...

Oh, I forgot to say that the banner on my blog has been there for a little while. I change around. This is a piece I made on foam core board and have now hung on my kitchen wall. It is about 12" x 26".

Mona Pendleton said...

Beautiful painting! So creative and artistic! A girl can never have too many purses right? :) love it! Your kitchen make over looks fabulous! So bright and cheerful!

Giggles said...

Amazing what a coat of paint can do!! Looks great you must feel so proud... We painted ours black several years back what a wonderful difference it made...but we are in need a of a new kitchen now!! Complete with cabinets!! Nice start on the painting...I see a half camel, horse or goat in the center!! LOVE the purse... good job, can't wait to see more!!

Hugs Giggles

Studio Kaufmann said...

I see an elegant Japanese lady in a kimono in your painting. Congrats your kitchen looks fab!

Beverley Baird said...

Love the background and your purse. What a brightening of your kitchen. We did something similar this summer - sure makes a difference. Thanks for stopping by. You asked how I had time - being retired helps. i try to do a bit each day.

Dea Lenihan said...

Such a pretty bag you made with the cloth pattern in purple. Love it. xo

sirkkis said...

Your beautiful painting brings summer here. Purse is great.
I like your new kitchen is fresh and sure practical.

Anonymous said...

That purse is stylish!

Wonderful colors in your painting, reminds me of spring.

sheila 77 said...

Your canvas looks like a lot of fun has been had, I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next. Your bag looks terrific, great idea with the stamping.
That's a great transformation with your kitchen, it's looking so good. Must have been a lot of hard work.

Fran said...

Wow love the new look to your kitchen. Someday I will get up the nerve to do mine. And to still find time to paint. congratulations.

denthe said...

That's quite a transformation in your kitchen! And the purse looks fab! Sorry, can't help you with the mouse thing .... If you want to find shapes in your background it sometimes helps to turn it around a few times, or look at it on your computerscreen.

Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Robin! First about your painting, in the middle, to the right a bit, I can see a face. It could even be a cat. Not a large face, but I do see eyes, mouth and it could be ears. That's why I say, maybe a cat. Love the purse! Well done my friend! And, your kitchen, WOW!!! You have been busy! Looks amazing!! Big Hugs!

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

good for you! I like painting.
Happy you had rain. We're at -20 yesterday, (I think F. and C. converge at that point! Above freezing tomorrow, I hope we don't lose our snow. We didn't have much of a storm.
(ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

~Rasz~ said...

Hope your power stayed on and the floodwaters missed you. Thank you for your wonderful comment. I see the same in the picture. Hugs, Rasz

~Rasz~ said...

Hope your power stayed on and the floodwaters missed you. Thank you for your wonderful comment. I see the same in the picture. Hugs, Rasz