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July 31, 2015

it's paint party friday, yay...

Happy Paint Party Friday to ALL!

I have actually painted several things, mostly from my recliner or standing up.
Still recovering from surgery and it seems to be taking longer than I expected, probably because I did not rest enough and had some added emotional stuff to the mix.

Regardless here I am, back on my laptop and ready to celebrate Paint Party Friday with all the other Creatives around the world.
If you are not familiar with PPF or want to meet the wonderful Hostesses Eva and Kristin, go HERE.

I have been painting sneakers and canvas shoes.
It is so much fun, although the darker the shoe the more difficult it becomes:

I used Golden's Gloss Acrylic Glazing Liquid
over the flowers for a great, sparkling shine.

Next was the white canvas shoes::

Can't wait to wear these out!
They are sealed and should stay white.
Of course there is a flower doodle that matches, lol!

Now onto the mixed media painting that was started a few years ago and has to get finished to mail off. The only problem is the face!
What she did look like:
 And here she is this morning, cannot ge the color of the face right:

I think I will paint her face with gesso and start all over again.
Very frustrating.

And here is my new fur-baby:

Since I finally got a home and am getting settled in, this precious boy will be my constant companion. He is a miniature poodle and I found him at our local Animal Shelter.
He is an remarkable pup, house broken, walks great on a leash and not a yapper.
We had an immediate connection from our first visit with each other at the Shelter.
His name is Buddy since he is my Buddy!

Life is getting better and better!

Happy PPF and have a great weekend!


Valerie-Jael said...

Great post, your fur baby ist sooooooo sweet. Lovely painting and your shoes are wonderful, I would love some like that! Hope you are soon really well again, hugs, Valerie

Susan said...

Love those sneakers! Fun shoes always give me an extra skip in my step. Enjoy them when you are walking Buddy.

Clare Lloyd said...

Fab work, love the shoes and your new fur baby too. Happy PPF

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

I love the shoes! I'm having trouble with tones myself in the neck area of the piece I am working on right now, I'm sure you'll get it! Darling little pup too!

Liz said...

I love the shoes! You are inspiring me to grab my Goldens and do something new!

A suggestion with the skin tone - one of the best things to do with skin is glaze. lots of thin layers of transparent paint. If you are using acrylics, grab your Golden glazing medium and a hairrdryer and layer and layer over the top. It gives great depth and texture to the skin and also gives you the ability to manipulate the colour.

And a beautiful bow wow. Congratulations!

happy PPF!

Best wishes,

Tammie Lee said...

your shoes are so fun, summery and lovely.

Fun lady portrait too.

Congrats on your new friend. Love dogs that don't yap!
sending you healing vibes.

Christine said...

your shoe painting is amazing, so nice and a lovely portrait too, don't be so hard on yourself. Your pet is cute too. Happy PPF!

Laney said...

Those shoes are fantastic! What fun! I know the feeling of frustration when you can't something right in a painting. Maybe give it a rest and come back to it later. Sweet little friend you have there!

Giggles said...

Get Better soon!! I love the shoes...good job...my daughter has done several pairs too! But she adds a bit of fabric medium with her acrylic. Wonderful painting and so glad you got Buddy. We babysat a female miniature poodle for years and love her so much!! Enjoy that sweet boy!! The best kind of love ever!!

Hugs Giggles

Dia said...

I love the shoes - what a fun idea! & congratulations on both your sweet buddy Buddy; & on your process of recovery from surgery!!
Thanks for visiting my TalisWoman & leaving such a kind comment - it is fascinating to roll that word 'Artist' around, & get comfortable owning it!
Love your painting ... & about the face - while of COURSE you may just want to begin again - I really enjoy it, & see a lot of potential. A couple of thoughts - have you journaled about that desire just to gesso over & begin again? Sometimes it can help to see 'what's coming up!' ... And have you tried another round of 'darks, lights & mediums?' ... we do a LOT of those rounds in the Intentional Creativity training I'm in ... lights are the rounded places, cheeks, middle of nose & forehead, above the eye (middle), chin, (with Golden paint, I mix a bit of Titian buff with a pale yellow or other fleshy color) ...
darks go on the sides of the face, sides of the nose, under the chin, on the inside & outside of the eyes, the places that recede (I use a range of colours for darks, often burnt umber , sometimes even Jenkins green) & the medium places are the 'in between's; I often use transparent iron oxide or Quincridone nickle azo gold ... generally (for all these) a fairly dry brush, with just a tiny bit of paint! ... I've also used a bit of glazing liquid (satin) mixed with especially the medium, to blend things more, ....
Then I often 'tend' the dark bits around the eyes, the nostrils, etc a bit more, & maybe go over the whites in the eyes again ... It's been fun to discover how these rounds of 'dark, light, medium' add depth to the face, & help balance the colour!!
Good luck deciding what to do!!

Faye said...

What a creative way to have exciting and beautiful shoes!!! And I think your portrait is beautiful. I hope you haven't put gesso over that lovely face. And the baby furball - so darling.

Linda Kunsman said...

Hope the healing continues well. Your shoes are awesome!! I especially love the white ones:) Your painting is looking good and I think the skin tone is just fine as it is. I have gessoed over a face I didn't like-more than once and it turned out fine. Perhaps if you play with flesh tone color mixes on another paper it might help to find a combination of colors you like better. LOVE your adorable little Buddy. May you have many days of joy with him.

sirkkis said...

Great painting. Love!

NatashaMay said...

Such a fab idea with the shoes! Love it! :)