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June 04, 2015

last week's rain and wet hummingbirds...

Last week, up here in Northern California, it rained!
We needed it so bad. It was actually a "downpour" for California standards.
It lasted about 15 minutes and just enough to fill this 30 gallon trash can.
Since we are in a severe drought out here, this water will be used to water the plants.
We only have about 1/3 of water left.

It definitely didn't stop the hummingbirds from feeding.
If you look at the wet babies, their beaks look so long!

I've been wanting to share this little guys with you,
well better late then never, right?

Make it a GREAT day!


GlorV1 said...

That is awesome. Love those hummingbirds. We have quite a few in our yard as well. Yes it is a serious drought this time around. I'm not going to let my plants die though. Nice post. Have a great day.

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

Oh how darling the hummingbirds are! Great idea with the trash can, I'm in Southern California and we're hoping for more rain too.

Eliza said...

Wow these little birds are fantastic, I have never seen one in real life, hopefully one day. Such a lovely downpour it's nice to have containers full around the place for the animals as well as the plants. Hopefully it cooled things down for you too. Thanks for sharing

Hugs Eluza & Yoda

Darnell J Knauss said...

Oh, wow, Rasz, how blessed you are to be visited by so many at once! (Wasn't that rain just glorious!!) All the babies are out now and leaving the nest so the population is heavy and amazing!! Thank you for sharing!! Hugs, Darnell