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May 05, 2015

taking time to stop and smell the roses...

Here in Northern California, we are already on strict water rationing due to no snow pack in the mountains which keeps us in water all summer.
To make it worse, we have had very little rain all winter.
Fire season is already starting up and watering yards or gardens of course is on a schedule.
The meteorologist on TV just said we might get 1/2" Thursday and maybe some snow up in the mountains.

Right now I am enjoying my new yard/garden realizing the flowers will only last a little while this year.
Pictured above is the first and only rose on a small replanted rosebush:

Here is a rose from a rose bush that was full of aphids when I moved in:

Here is the garden's mound of clover.
I have never seen clover grow like this and did not know the flowers
closed up from dusk to sunshine:

The flowers are so pretty when they open:

I wanted to share the pretty flowers while they are still around,
hoping our water crisis will get better.

So remember when you see the beauty of Spring/Summer to appreciate it and take a moment to smell the flowers as Northern California is already going brown.

Have a Terrific Tuesday and make it a GREAT day!


GlorV1 said...

Hi Rasz. Yes I know about the drought. We have been told to cut back to watering to twice a week and certain hours. Grasses are drying out as are plants. We've been looking for a lot up in Sonora and of course it doesn't matter where you go in CA, we are dry. Your plants are very nice. Have a great day.

Lynda Norton said...

The roses are stunning, wish I could send you some of our rain you are more than welcome to it:)

Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Robin ;o) I haven't wrote you back from your e-mail, sorry! Your flower pictures are gorgeous! I love clover ;o) So many people pull it out of their lawns and call it a weed. Stupid people! I hope you are getting some rain! I feel for you! Please take care ;o) I hope you are enjoying your new home ;o) Much love and big hugs ;o)