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April 26, 2015

what i have learned in the past couple weeks...

I have been so busy these past few weeks I have only done one painting project:

I found this old, very dirty faerie in the back yard.
After cleaning her up (below) it looks like someone tried to put her back together with Guerrilla Glue from the brown oozing glue that I couldn't get off.
I used Liquitex Modeling Paste to fix the large chip that was on her right wing.

Here she is painted.
I like the crack that still shows through the paint.
It reminds me that even though we may have health/life "cracks",
we are still beautiful.
Here are a couple more views of her finished.
No matter what colors I was trying for, she had her own mind and the colors turned out
however they turned  out. 
I learned quickly not to stress about it, she knew how she wanted to look.

In between the leaves and grass were rocks sticking out.
I liked the rocks.

What I learned from painting her, besides her choice of paints, is that I do NOT like painting figurines. I do not know why, I just don't and I am glad I got to get her done so I can start doing what I do like!

I learned that different brands of paint can use the same name for a color that looks completely different.
is Phthalo Blue and Thalo Blue really different colors?
I pronounced them the same.
What do you think?

I learned I had way too much paints and not enough space:

I also learned that a couple shelves above my table makes everything organized,
well the paints are organized. I don't want to talk about the rest of my supplies.

And the BEST thing is that I put up 3 large hummingbird feeders.
I learned that I am going to have lots & lots of hummingbird pictures
and I have to stock up on sugar.
Morning and evening time is a feeding frenzy.
Below are a couple youngsters:

Here is a beautiful male. He has a black mask across his eyes.
We'll call him Bandit.

Here is another youngster coming in for a landing:

See the baby on the right? 

This one below is an orange hummingbird and I think very rare in this area.
He is so fast, it has taken over a week to get a picture of him.
Isn't he beautiful?

Hope you have a BEAUTIFUL week and let me know if you have learned anything new lately!


Valerie-Jael said...

I love that your angel had a mind of her own, and you are so right, the cracks we have always show through. Those hummers are so wonderful, wish we had them here, too! Have fun with decorating your new house! Hugs, Valerie

Victoria said...

Super beautiful and enchanting..your fairy is gorgeous!Wonderful post! It is always an adventure trying new things!
Thanks for your kind visit.