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January 01, 2015

happy new year, of course...

I have not blogged for a while.
Had no idea it wasn't since mid November 2014!
So much has happened,
happiness, sadness, lots of tears, hopes & joy.

I think this came out as a self portrait even though it wasn't meant to be.

The last couple of years have been the most challenging of my life.
Thank you to all my  blogger friends who have lifted me up,
encouraged me or just left a nice comment.
There were days that the little things were what kept me going.

Change once again is coming and it is going to be good change.
I am ready now to finally find my "home" of my own.
Many of you know how many places I have lived in the past couple years.
Knowing this, I have a lot of footwork to do and I've already started.

Setting my intentions,
being grateful for everything that has gotten me here,
letting go of the past,
and realize I am no longer those labels I have stuck to myself.

Doodling has really been my meditation now.
I doodle everything.
I joined a Facebook sketchbook group,
and made some new friends too!

I choose this as my new self portrait!
So it's time to find and become the woman I want to be.
This blog will be my journey
and I am so excited to share all of it here.
Someone may be where I was two years ago,
and this will be hopefully a place to let them know it really does get better,

Happy New Year!
Let's go grab all the gifts life has to offer...


GlorV1 said...

Happy New Year Rasz! I hope all your wishes and dreams come true.

Sylvia van Bruggen said...

Happy 2015, Rasz, may this year bring you peace, smiles and endless creativity <3

Valerie-Jael said...

Happy New Year to you, and hope that it will be a good year for you, and that you can carry out your plans. Good luck with finding a new home! May all your good dreams come true! Hugs, Valerie

Magaly Guerrero said...

Sometimes we just need some time. I'm glad these last couple of months have brought you to a place where you can start anew. I've spent the last months tired. I'm feeling better now, and whispering to myself, "Take it easy, Magaly. Just because your soul thinks it can fly and doesn't mean it can without breaking your limbs."

So I will be here for your journey, reading and encouraging each other, reminding ourselves to take things one bit at a time. ;-)

Gloria said...

I'm rooting for you to have a contented and enriched 2015.
Hope you find a place to nest.