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November 16, 2014

just a sunday sketch...

I started this sketch today with graphite
and some messy marks.

Finishing up with colored pencil.

On my mind today was that I know everything will be okay, someday,
and I am reminded that by loving and caring family and friends.
It's just sometimes I start to wonder what the future looks like,
where will my home be?
What will my health and life be?
and where I will be in a year from now?
It can be scary and I try not to let "fear" get to me,
so I sketch...

This drawing is what came out of all my emotions today.
I seem to draw faces the more emotional I get.
What do you create with your emotions?

Have a great week!


Belinda said...

Rasz, thanks for the visit yesterday. You always bring a smile to my face when I see your comments. I love your art. I think you captured a lot of emotion in the eyes in this one in particular. I keep looking at her eyes. I don't really have an example of one of my cards that conveys my emotions. But I have to think about that more.
Well I'm off to a doctor's appointment. Let me know if you do create walking stickers. I tell you, the days I get discouraged I look at all the stickers and I feel recharged. It's funny how a little sticker has so much power! Have a blessed day friend!

Kristin said...

I totally agree. I tend to draw faces then too. I love her - she seems to have a story to tell. xo

Magic Love Crow said...

These eyes are really wondering! Robin, don't think! That's what happened to me this year! I thought so much, that fear over took me and I stopped living! I know it's hard, not to let your mind over take you, but try to do everything with your heart! Let your heart be your guide ;o) Have you went to my blog?? Hugs ;o)