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October 17, 2014

yay! it's paint party friday and my camera is broken...

Happy PPF!
Thank you Kristin and Eva for hosting the best weekly party EVER!
Want to find out more? Go HERE.

My camera stopped working this week.
Luckily I have all the pics I need to post!

First, I want to show what I finished this week.
She was my WIP last Friday and I decided NOT to add paint and stay with only pencil, graphite and colored, to complete her.

I fell in love with her.
Have you ever created something that you know came from your soul and spoke to your heart? 
Well, she is the one for me.
She is the kick-off for a series of WIPs and future creations from different medias called 
"The Warrior Within"
and her name is "I Am".
I wrote more about her on my new Facebook page that I am trying to create, lol.
The page is HERE if you'd like to read more.

Now onto painting.
Since moving around so much I have had WIPs all over the place. 
I think I have gotten them all with me now so I can get busy and finish them instead of constantly posting half done art :-)
 So far she has ink, colored pencil and watercolor.
Today I want to add some acrylic and gloss medium...
and more color!
I wish I had a better pic but hopefully she will be done by next Friday,
and my camera will be working again.

Here is another WIP I am working on too:

One more thing!
I need HELP!!!
How do I connect with other artists or mixed media groups out on Facebook?
It took me years to make the plunge into FB and now I am ready to build my page better and meet other creatives out there!

Have a FANTASTIC Paint Party FRIDAY!


Valerie-Jael said...

Your faces are lovely, love the expressions. Valerie

Anonymous said...

like all those leaves

Linda Kunsman said...

I LOVE how this has become a series that speaks to you-and the title and art- awesome! Happy PPF!

Netty said...

Beautiful artworks. For Facebook Groups just type in Mixed Media Art and am sure you will find loads on there. Facebook is a great source for artists. Happy PPF, Annette x


Giggles said...

Wonderful piece...and yes I have been soul connected to a few of my pieces!!

Hugs Giggles

Janice Kay Schaub said...

I love your work. I did something simular during one of my sketch books so this really spoke to me. Its so fresh. I will be following so I can come back and take a good look around

Magic Love Crow said...

I'm not on Facebook but I have to join ;o) Maybe closer to the holidays or in the new year. So happy you are on Facebook! Good going Robin ;o)
I love your art piece "I Am". Very strong! Truly love it! It really speaks to me!
Your other girls are wonderful too! Truly talented you are ;o)
All your girls have such emotion in them ;o)
You should join up with Martha ;o) From 29 faces, for face book! ;o)
Big Hugs xoxoxo

Magic Love Crow said...

Love the title "The Warrior Within"! And, yes, I have made many pieces that have really spoke to me, but I haven't kept them! I'm going to next time! I don't have one of my pieces of art! xoxoxxo

Magic Love Crow said...

Robin, here is a link to Martha's blog ;o)

Sunshineshelle said...

Hey, I was here this morning, back again to leave a comment :) Stacy is right about Martha, she is so good with linking everything up, and prolific with her art (insert envious glance here LOL) and really lovely to boot! My Facebook page gets a bit neglected, (sorta worse than my blog, whoops) but I went and 'liked' your page ('cause I do) and I really love your 'Warrior Within' I Am, strong, sensual, great peice of art You talented babe! By the way, nice to be blogging, I have so missed company like yours too :)

Abigail Davidson said...

So captivating! Beautiful details in the leaves, and so inspiring!

Bronson Hill Arts said...

They draw you right in! Simply wonderful...


Beth Niquette said...

If you are on fb, just go to the search bar (upper left side) and type in art groups, or mixed media art. You will find a lot of contacts and fun new friends that way.

Your artwork is so great--I love this lady's face. She reminds me of an actress I love on Star Trek Insurrection. :D Your leaf maiden is incredibly lovely and so whimsical. You are a talented artist and I love your work.

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Oh oh oh oh I LOVE this face!!!! I can see how this came from your soul. Just stunning!!!!

NatashaMay said...

Beautiful faces! I had to fix my camera as well. I don't know what's up with that. :)