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September 04, 2014

Time to get back to the paints for a bit...

I have been enjoying drawing, learning how to sketch with graphite pencils,
ink markers and colored pencils.
This is my first REAL sketching before drawing the picture out in ink and erasing the graphite lines:
Adding some ink and colored pencils:
There is lots left to finish her, however,
I haven't painted with acrylics for a while.
I miss the feeling of the paints, the mess and the surprises discovered with acrylics.
I think acrylics must be my favorite medium.

I have 3 little wrapped canvases and easels ready to go:

The square canvas is 2"x2".
The rectangular canvas is 1-1/2"x 2-1/2".
I have never painted little canvasses.
Aren't they just too cute!
Oh YAY!!! I am so excited.
Oh and I got a new stamp and plastic paint
dish to keep everything light and moveable.
AND I will have something painted to join back up with
Paint Party Friday!

See you tomorrow with (hopefully) something painted.

1 comment:

Magic Love Crow said...

Your girl is stunning! I love her, with the leaves ;o)
Those little canvases are excellent! Have fun with them ;o)
I love acrylic too ;o)
Robin, please forgive me! I haven't written you back yet! I promise I will! Your letter meant the world to me!
Big Hugs ;o)