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September 30, 2014

a beautiful, yet scary, hospital garden...

Last week I was in the hospital for a few days.
The hospital was beautiful and clean.
There was even an outside garden for patients and visitors to enjoy.

Here is the bridge that leads into...


The garden looks so inviting with it's statues and fountains.
Even though we are in a severe drought here in Northern California, the majority of this garden is able to still stay green by careful watering and drought resistant plants.

There is also an concrete walkway that forks to the left of the bridge where people can sit, walk get some fresh air or take a shortcut to the cafe.

Just in case you missed the sign, here it is a little bigger:

Yes, you read that correctly, RATTLESNAKES!

Part of living here is knowing to watch out for rattlesnakes.
However that is usually while hiking, walking the dog,
out by the river or lakes,
NOT at a hospital.

This sign is totally appropriate here, in this neck of the rocks.
I have just never seen this sign at a hospital.

Even though we share our homeland with the rattlesnakes,
black widows and scorpions, I have not gotten over my dislike of rattlesnakes.

I still laugh at the thought of pulling along my IV pole while searching my surroundings for snakes.
Did I try it?

Have a great day, and share a reptile story in the comments.
I would love to read it and I am sure so would others.


Magic Love Crow said...

Rattlesnakes!!! No thank you! I am so happy we don't have them here! LOL! I do have to say, the hospital garden was very beautiful ;o) I'm glad you were at a nice hospital ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

NatashaMay said...

Hope you heal soon! :) We don't have snakes around where I live and I'm glad. :)