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August 01, 2014

it's paint party friday...come play...

It's Friday which means:
hosted forever by the lovely Kristen and Eva.
Thank you ladies for keeping this going on for so long!
It truly gives me something to look forward to.
Go HERE to learn more or jump in and play with us.

The only paints I have with me are my watercolors and I got stuck on the Mandela from last week, so I put that away.

I have tried making some ACEOs by cutting the cards from large pages of watercolor paper.
Being "straight-lined deficient" doesn't help much but
my see-through sewing ruler helped get the job done.

Here is my "Forest" ACEO in watercolor only:
2 1/2"x3 1/2" ACEO in watercolor
I have been stuck in a forest-y/green-ery/faerie mode for quite some time along with using ink and pencils.
I miss painting though, so here is my next watercolor paper done in ink and just waiting for those beautiful wet, moving colors to bring it all alive:
9"x12" ink drawing on watercolor paper
Hopefully I will have more paintings to share next week OR at least the one above completed.

Happy PPF and have a GREAT week!
Hugs, Rasz


GlorV1 said...

Very nice work. Your forest pulls one in. Love it! Happy PPF!

Faye said...

Razs, your works are wonderful. I love the greenery. I often cut up paintings I'm not pleased with and make greetings cards, using portions for backgrounds.

Valerie-Jael said...

Love the movement in your works, and I love it when the colours flow and move, too. Valerie

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

Oooh! I love your forest works! Especially the green leaves, lots of wonderful movement!

Beth Niquette said...

I especially love the forest, with it's gentle curling lines. Just lovely!

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Very nice indeed. I like your forest as well.

Miss Val's Creations said...

These are beautiful!

Kyra Wilson said...

Nice work! ACEOs are trickier than people realize, I think. :)

Magic Love Crow said...

Robin, great stuff my friend ;o)
Straight lines??? My lines aren't straight! LOL!
Give your man a hug from me ;o) I am so happy you have each other ;o) xoxoxo

Tracey Fletcher King said...

I am now officially insanely late for PPF visits but glad i made it here to see your second piece especially... fabulous line work...xx

Deepa Gopal Sunil said...

Both ACEOs look pretty. Never done one...should try that sometime :)