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April 14, 2014

that was one productive weekend...

I had a GREAT weekend!
I made it to Paint Party Friday evening,
arriving late although I think that is fashionable, right?

Got up early Saturday morning and had coffee while visiting as many of the Friday party attendees as I could. Saw some fantastic artist bloggers and gained a couple followers too!

Sunday was beautiful, warm and sunny. Little N and I went outside and set up art areas.
 I was planning on finishing up my flower painting.
 Little N was finishing up her "color me" tote bag I made for her.
This tote has been her favorite coloring project and I think I have discovered a great gift for girls. I plan on making several more and put them out on my Etsy Store.

It started getting a little windy and I found one of my hairs in the center of a flower I was painting!
Ahhh!!!! That was worse than finding a hair in my food.
I have no idea why it bothered me so much but I was disgusted until I got it out of the think mix of paint and soft gel medium. 
Time to get the painting out of the springtime breeze.

I had my spray paints outside with me and needed to make more flower petals with darker paint, so I sprayed three paper towels.

They came out great. I'm not sure if I can cut any of these up since these colorful papers would make some great backgrounds!

I was having so much fun spray painting that I sprayed a 13"X13"X3" canvas tote:

Pretty Cool and lots of fun. I love projects that I can finish fast. I guess it's that instant gratification that drives my art. I need to keep several projects going, or at least my art journal close by if I have to wait for something to dry!

After laying down for several hours, I really needed to doodle something. I grabbed my Progresso Woodless Graphite Pencil (my favorite) and began a new Forest Faerie drawing on heavy watercolor paper so I can paint her later:

The night and weekend ended as I fell asleep drawing...

So how was your weekend?

Hope your week is starting off full of color and imagination!


Gloria said...


I looked at the progression of your painting over your last few posts and it's glorious! Beautiful colors and thriving. I love it.

What kind of spray paints do you use on the totes? Just regular spray paint? I hate to shake the cans, so maybe spray paints would be no go for me. It's a pain thing.

Your weekend sounded lovely. We are due for snow tomorrow, I had hoped that Spring was finally entrenched, but not yet.

Hope you are feeling much better soon. Your artwork is fresh and fun and makes me feel good to see it!

All the best,

SLScheibe said...

You have lots of fun and very colorful art here! Love the spray bag and papers and the flower painting looks awesome. Lovely and bright :)

Magaly Guerrero said...

Those flowers are glorious. They look like an eternal patch of spring.

How wonderful that N is enjoying her own painting project. I hope we get to see her masterpiece.

Love the totes!

Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Robin ;o) What a great weekend you had ;o) I am loving everything you created! Fun, bright and happy ;o) I think it's a great idea to add some of those colour yourself totes in your shop ;o) Sorry about the hair on your painting! It all worked out ;o) That is the main thing ;o) Big Hugs ;o)