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March 28, 2014

tgif...it's paint party friday...

I made it to Paint Party Friday!
There were roadblocks and wrong turns yet I made it regardless!

This weekly party is hosted by Eva and Kristin.
Go HERE to check it out if you haven't already.

This is the painting I REALLY wanted to have done today.

The feathery leaves are painted in watercolor and I had planned on doing the rest of the painting in layers of watercolor and gel medium.

I think I forgot I was working with watercolor because as I was painting her face in dark browns, I got carried away in trying to move the paint around for shading.
Too much water, watercolor and brushing can only go one way...badly!

Her face ripped!
Yep, right through the middle of her cheek and nose,
up to the bottom of her right eye.
Can you say Oops?

The great thing about fixing paintings is that they can usually be fixed with more paint or gesso, right?
After her face dried, I decided to use Unbleached Titanium White acrylic thinking that might create a nice color to start her face over.
Wrong again, all it did was make her look very sickly.
And this picture makes her look a lot better than how she really looks.

Now I am waiting for the layer of Titatium White acrylic to dry so she can get a pretty face, hopefully, unlike the bluish grey that covers it now.
I guess I will be finishing her off in acrylics, layers of gel medium, then maybe back to some watercolors for a cool effect.

Time to go visit with all the other creatives at the party!

I'll come back to her after visiting!

Have a Fantastic Friday and come join the party!


Netty said...

so much fun to experiment. Happy PPF, Annette x


Lisa Isabella Russo said...

I love her leaves, they are so beautiful. I think she's going to be wonderful!

Paper rainbow said...

The leaf hair looks great. I rather like her pale face. It looks like she has been living in the shadowy forest floor well away from the sun! :)

Linda said...

I love how you are persistent in working through your "oops" :) She's looking quite beautiful! Happy PPF!

Saskia said...

Great work!

Saskia :)

Debbie said...

she looks wonderful, I hope you show her when she is finished too!

Twist of Pink said...

Darn if persistence does pay off! Neat idea to use the leaves as her hair. I would have long ago digressed into a full blown flower. Haha!

Li said...

LOVE the leaves! :-)

Magic Love Crow said...

Everything happens for a reason! I think you have done brilliant with her! Way to go Robin!

Annabelle said...

Love how you never give up. The gal is looking lovely in her leafy tresses.

Annabelle : )

Giggles said...

Quite the process! Very nice work! She is so pretty! Love the leaves!

Hugs Giggles

Gillena Cox said...

She is a diva , luv your detailing , have a nice week

Much love...

Dia said...

ooh my gosh!!
I've been randomly visiting the PPF blogs, and have also been working on a painting of a girl... began with acrylic on gessoed Matt board, then yesterday got out oil pastels, add began her hair, which is LEAFY like yours! Kismet!!
The face on my "Lady of Wind and Waves" is blue, so I think of her hair add kelpy.... will Post it soon!

Kyra Wilson said...

I think she's looking well! :) And paintings never get done on our schedule, they're entirely on their own. :)