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March 20, 2014

looks like spring has sprung...

Here's Henry, our BIG rooster, next to the first tulip of the season.
The daffodils are all gone.
It seems we went from Autumn to Spring and missed Winter all together.
Not a good thing for Northern California.
This means our drought will get worse
Winter-type weather will arrive late and throw off all the plants and animals.
Either way a little more cold and rain would have helped before now.
Nothing I or Henry can do about it except go outside and enjoy this glorious weather!

Here's what I have been working on in between trying to get my Etsy store set up:

I plan on finishing up the Zentangle-inspired feather/leaves with dark green and light green and then color her in with watercolor for tomorrow's Paint Party Friday!

And my little visiting artist has been working on coloring in her Art Book Bag with Crayola kid's markers:
She'll be spending all Saturday with me while we create together!

I learned that to start building an Etsy store something has to be posted for sale so I put up one of my favorite purses:

As for my storefront, I spent the last two days trying to use my old banners from blogging for my Etsy banner. I cannot get the right dimensions to fit for Etsy so I need to start from scratch and create a new one.

Creating a new banner would have been so much easier.
Sometimes I think I work harder, not smarter!

I'm looking forward to have Etsy all set up this weekend.
This afternoon I go for a neck epidural to hopefully relieve the nerve pain in my arms.
Life is so much more fun when I can get a little relief, if only temporary!

Have a Terrific Thursday!


Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Chicky! I hope your neck is ok! I am sorry you have to go get a needle! I love your leaf girl! She is cool and your bag is so cool too! I can't wait to see your shop! Love the bag the little one has been working on ;o) As for your banner in your Etsy shop. Just place your picture in and press save. See how it looks. That's what I do and work from there ;o) I just start sizing up and down. I have never had the right size right off. Give Henry a hug for me ;o) xoxoxo

NatashaMay said...

I love this! Great idea for a tote. :) Heal soon!

Gloria said...

Henry has pretty coloring! Good luck with your shop, tell us when you have the official opening.

Hope your neck gets relief soon. No fun getting needles.

Yesterday we had about an inch of fresh snow. There isn't a daffodil brave enough to show it's head. Spring will be something to cherish when it finally arrives with warmer temps.

Kyra Wilson said...

I love all the flowers you have springing up. :) I need to make more of an effort to plant lovelies like those. I say enjoy them, even if the cold shows up, you have them now!