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March 08, 2014

i'm blaming mercury in retrograde...

Today is my Bloggerversary!
4 years ago today I gathered up all the strength and courage I could and started this blog.
 It was a HUGE step into a cyber-world I knew nothing about, including blogging.

I was learning about mixed media painting by watching YouTube videos. Mystele was the one who got me hooked. 
I could have (and still do) watch her create. 
She has always inspired me. 
I wrote her an email a little over four years ago and was amazed that she had the time to write me back. 
She encouraged me to jump right into blogland along with the most beautiful prayer I will always treasure.
Last Monday was my birthday!
My Sissy, brother-in-law and my oldest son made me an awesome party, spaghetti dinner (with gluten-free noodles) and a chocolate gluten-free cake that was SO GOOD people at the party were eating it (instead of the two regular cakes) even though it was gluten free. Now that is a GOOD cake!
My youngest son and his girlfriend gave me a MICHAEL's Gift Card 
(big sale this weekend, you know where I will be). 

Sissy took me shopping for some girlie stuff!
The lighted laptop is perfect for drawing or painting when I am on the couch or bed!
We must have hung out with the Clinique salesgirl for several hours. It was great to be so pampered!
The chips were leftover from lunch 
because shopping makes you hungry, right?

So this year I have been planning this BIG MARCH surprise!
I needed to start all of it last month and "wham"
Mercury in Retrograde hit me HARD!
You may have seen my blog disappear in different forms for several days, 
I tried to start a website and a Facebook too. 
All were becoming a tangled, technical mess...
then it hit me...

Now that the retrograde is over things are falling together,
just not quite ready...
however I am getting closer than ever.
I think I will have to move my celebration a couple weeks out, which would be great because the Spring Solstice is coming up.
Perfect timing for New Beginnings, right?

In the middle of the mess I had been creating, I decide to pull out the paints and a canvas that I had been wiping my brushes off when I was painting purses:
I've planned some pretty cool stuff and a giveaway.
Check back often because it will be happening soon!

Have a wonderful weekend :)


Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Robin! I have went through some crazy stuff too! That darn Mercury! LOL! Happy Birthday girl! So happy you were spoiled! You deserve it! I wish you many blessings my friend! Your canvas is looking amazing!!! Big Hugs and much love ;o)

Darnell J Knauss said...

Hi Robin,

Darn it, leave it to me to mess it up! I was so excited to have noticed that you are on my birthday calendar for today before I went to bed, so I came over and found out only to find out that your birthday was LAST Monday, the 3rd!! I'm so sorry that I had that wrong. Happy Belated Birthday!! It looks like you had a wonderful special day and I'm glad!!

And Happy Bloggoversary, too! I pinch myself sometimes that I even have one and then don't you wonder, where does the time go?!

I wish you lots more bloggie years of making your amazing creations!!

Hugs, Darnell