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February 15, 2014

new supplies for faces #s 7, 8, & 9...

Look what I got!
New Stuff!
Don't you just love new stuff for your creations?

I have been spending so much time at doctor visits these past two weeks that I have started using the waiting time to sketch faces and new ideas.
So this little nifty "Supply Caddy" from Office Depot comes in quite handy to carry my sketchbook, sketching pencils, colored pencils, new Sharpie markers and my reading glasses for that new ubber-small font that seems to be everywhere (lol).
Oh, and I got some more erasers too, now hidden in the caddy to keep baby monster from eating them again.
Yep, I scored BIG time!

 With this small, lightweight, easy to carry tote I did get a couple faces done.
Here is my favorite so far:
The girl with the purple feather cap.

She is done in ink and colored pencils.

Next is a messy sketch I started yesterday on watercolor paper.
I will outline her in ink, erase the pencil sketch and finish her off with watercolor paint.

 She looks a little demonic, doesn't she?
I plan on finishing her up today.

There are times when I draw faces that help me release issues I am having.
This sketch is one of them.
You can also see several other sketches behind her.
 The words are "It's okay to be authentic".
I have been struggling with the pain in my body.
I refuse to let it define me however I cannot pretend it doesn't exist either.
I NEED to truly be my authentic self

Working on faces every day is helping me find that balance within.
Does anyone else have something similar going on?

Have a fantastic Saturday.
I hope everyone is safe, warm and fed today...


Cyndi Cesare said...

I love the girl with the purple feathers. My favorite colors.

Lynda Norton said...

Love your new supplies, and your coloured in face. We wont get started on the 'issue's I have (box not big enough LOL).

Sorry to read you are still suffering:(


Pat Langley said...

Keep making the faces. they are beautiful!

Magic Love Crow said...

Hello my friend ;o) I am sorry you have been at the doctors so much! I hope everything is going well! I love your new little bag, to carry everything around ;o) Great stuff! Your new faces are fantastic ;o) Love feather girl ;o)
Releasing, when you create is good! Keep doing it!
Big Hugs ;o)

Miss Val's Creations said...

Great handy caddy! I love the finished face. She's gorgeous! Art is such therapy. We all need that creative outlet to get through life's obstacles. I hope you are well soon. :)

Kyra Wilson said...

WOOHOO! I love new supplies!