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February 17, 2014

more faces for monday, 10, 11 & 12...

Happy Monday to all!
I am a little behind making faces for the
29 Faces of February 2014 Challenge.
The challenge has really challenged me on how to draw faces.
Gee, that must be the idea of the Challenge...duh!
(with my hand hitting my forehead)

The Challenge is hosted by the awesome Ayala Art
and you can still join the fun HERE.

I have discovered my current process:
I sketch, I erase, I sketch, I erase, I sketch...
well, you get the idea, right?
then I may add color with different medium.

You know the stuff that comes onto the paper when you erase?
Well I have erased so much these past few days that it is now starting to cover up the dust.
The best part is that it looks like it belongs there next to my sketch book and art caddy.
I'll pass on dusting tonight.

Yesterday I was out visiting some of my blogging friends and read several posts about
Holly's Horrorland Vampire's Soiree,
A "Horrific" Valentine's Day option.
The posts got me thinking that maybe I could draw a Vampiress!
So here she is, finished off with colored pencils:
 Not too bad for a first try altho' I think all the biting she has done in her immortality has left her jaw a little deformed, he-he!

 Below is a girl slightly sketched on watercolor paper (she's in my last post).
I was planning on finishing her with watercolor paint and then went back and sketched over the details of her face as the original light sketch left her looking a little creepy.
Maybe I can get her painted soon, hmm...or not, who knows?

I have now blown through all of my graphite pencils during this Challenge and am off to buy more as soon as I finish this post.

So the face below was drawn with a #2 pencil with lots of erasing and sketching, over and over.
Then I added a few colors with colored pencils.

Hope everyone is having a great beginning to their week!
Keep on creating...


Lynda Norton said...

love your vampiress:) maybe you need some practice without erasing to give more confidence? Think you need to give me pencil lessons though, a bit clueless on that one over here.

Magic Love Crow said...

You make me laugh! LOL! Great post Robin! I love your vampiress! She is great! Your last face, I love her hair! Well done ;o)

Darnell J Knauss said...

I enjoyed catching up with your sketches, Robin! In addition to being a way to be artistic and draw, I think it is a great idea that you are finding them to be a helpful release of whatever emotions you are feeling, especially if the pain is bad or you have had some other emotional event.

The cool thing is that there is no "right" or "wrong" face so you can be free to just be your authentic artist, too!! If we can't be authentic with our art, well, that's just wrong, isn't it? In cards, even when we "CASE" another card artist, it still becomes ours as our natural style comes out in the process.

And I love your slick carrying bag - good idea to hide the erasers!! I hope you have a good week! Hugs, Darnell

Clare Lloyd said...

Fab sketches!

Kyra Wilson said...

Nice faces! :) And I'm always one for a vampire!

Miss Val's Creations said...

I love your eyelashes! Gorgeous! The vampiress is fabulous. Great eye makeup!