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February 25, 2014

more faces and loving this 29faces challenge...

I REALLY want to express how much I am enjoying the
29 Faces of February Challenge 2014!
Our wonderful hostess is Ayala Art
and to find out more and links to all the participants
go HERE.

This Challenge has me "challenging" myself to create faces. I have not taken a "face" class.
I have learned from watching others such as Ayala Art, Millande, Mystele and other amazing, creative artists.

Creating faces is meditating, healing and gets me out of my comfort zone.
I am also learning about graphite pencils.
The pencil on the left is a Prismacolor Turquoise 4H Graphite which is a very hard thin lead.
The pencil on the right is a Progesso Woodless 4B Graphite, a heavy soft lead.
My favorite is the Progresso. It is easy to use, erase and smudge.

Now onto the latest faces:

"The girl in pink flowers"

"Silver Lady"

"Healing Spirit" is a Zentangled inspired drawing

"Spirit in the Woods"
When I was creating this last one, my oldest son said it looked like something his 5 year old step-daughter (aka: not-the-granddaughter) drew. Ouch!!!

Which brings me to a question I would like to put out here:
How do you handle criticism?
Do negative comments and positive comments carry the same weight or does a negative comment evoke a different reaction than a positive comment would?

I have to say that a negative comment had me throwing in the towel or starting all over. Now I am getting a little better realizing that I want to like what I do since not everyone agrees on a piece of art.

Let me know what you think about comments and have a Terrific Tuesday!


Magic Love Crow said...

Hello My Friend ;o) I love all your faces, but I have to admit, the last two are my favorite ;o) Maybe because they are nature based ;o) You know what, I find all comments are good ;o) Really! I have to be honest with you, my mom really doesn't like my art! LOL! And, she is honest about it. She likes things looking very realistic, where I am more fantasy. I respect everything she says. And, she has came around to liking more of my art ;o) LOL! I think if someone said a negative comment in a mean way, it would hurt, if that makes sense? But, what I have been told, if someone gets any kind of reaction from your art, that's good. Your son's comment, well, I would probably laugh and say, well, she must be a great artist ;o) We have to take the good with the bad. But, the most important thing is, if you are happy!!! Always paint from your heart! And, if your heart is smiling, then you are on the right path ;o) Everyone, isn't going to like everything! And, that is the truth! Big Hugs ;o)(Never change for anyone!!! Always be true to you!!!)

Magic Love Crow said...

Your last face, I really love!!!

Kyra Wilson said...

Often, people looking at art see what they want to see, not what you intend. So, they're reacting to their lives in the framework of your art. A negative comment sticks more than a positive one, and I think that's just human nature. After all, criticism means we're doing something that needs to be questioned, while positive comments simply mean "carry on!" and we don't pay attention to those as much because we don't need to address anything.

Criticism is something we have to digest. We have to ask if they're correct or not, and in each case does that mean we need to make changes? The real trick comes from letting it go after you've run that exercise through and taken action, or not. I'm not good of letting it go, but you need to.

Does this make you happy? Then carry on. Do you think there is some value into working on this or that? Then do so, and carry on. :)

Michelle Howe said...

Tell him to be quiet! That one is my favorite! I'm gonna steal it

Eliza said...

You have probably heard this saying before we all have. " the world would be a boring place if we were all the same" this applies to our art, you are learning and growing everyday, we all have to start somewhere and what you are creating is good, it makes you feel happy inside, this is all that matters what you think yourself. As for others, you get them to sit and do what you are doing and then see the results. People see many different things when viewing others art, even the likes of the famous impressionist artists, this is why it is art and the wonders of it evolve and make us wonder more. Keep up with what you are doing, especially if it makes you feel good inside, try and learn and grow but if you don't then so be it, this is where you want to be. I really love the last piece due to the zentangle influence and the vines and nature influence it is just beautiful. Keep smiling and be happy, you are on the right track.

Hugs Eliza