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February 06, 2014

faces #3, #4 and maybe #5...

A little catch-up on my faces.
Hmmm...that sounds a little funny doesn't it?
Better than a little Catsup on my faces...
A little Ketchup on my faces...

No this is actually I am part of the 29 Faces Challenge of February 2014!
Not only am I finding various ways to draw faces (I've only tore up one), colors, shadings and emotions, I am also learning about how "Labels" on a blog work.
Hopefully I have done this right so my blogs pertaining to the "29 Faces" is all showing up in the right place and easy to find...

Okay, where was I? Oh yeah, wanna learn more or join in on the fun?
Go HERE and thank Ayala Art for being the lovely hostess!

Here is Face #3, I did her all in pencil including shading and then added the colored pencils:

 Next comes face #4, she is created with ink outlines and various layers of colored pencils:

 And here is face #5. I had this urge to draw and color a clown with colored pencils.
I think a clown would count as a face?
BTW, I do not like clowns, do not have any clowns, haven't seen a clown in decades and really, really could not figure out why I had this tugging to draw a clown.
So here is my first and probably last clown face:
Tears of a clown...
While doing the clown I got the song "Tears of a Clown" stuck in my head. It's a great old Motown tune...it was in my head playing for so long I can say that I'm good for a couple years if I don't hear it again.

So there's some more face drawings. I am loving working with pencils. It actually relaxes me. Now my daughter wants me to draw her. I think I need a little more practice for that :)

Have a great night and remember tomorrow is Paint Party Friday (PPF)!
You can read about it and join in if you'd like HERE!


Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Robin ;o) Yes, you did ketchup on your faces! LOL! You have a lot of emotion going on with these 3 faces! You can see it in their eyes! Personally, I don't like clowns either, but something was telling you to draw this one and I am glad you did! Big Hugs and I hope everything is well ;o)

Ayala Art said...

So happy you joined! I'm liking all your faces.
hey, never tear up a page! You can always collage on top of it!! :oD

AutumnOakFaerie said...

Yay! Draw me!! Lol. Those look great mom! Clowns are creepy!!

Sunshineshelle said...

Hey girl look at these fantastic faces, I think after looking at yours I may try pens or pencils and stop reaching for charcoal and acrylic ;) I was a bit short on spending money a few Christmases ago and decided to do all my family a nice canvas, beach and bush scales, nudes, whatever I thought they may like, but my sister Paulette has ALWAYS had this thing about Clowns (as in hates them LOL) anyway while everyone was busy having a morning champers and OJ, I gave my sister her clown, oh my, her fa e dropped and she got all flustered, then a bit angry I had thought she LOVED clowns (as in how could I have got it so wrong) everyone was in on the joke and she quickly recovered her sense of humour when I handed over the 'real' landscape I had painted for her ;) funny thing there was another person at our Chrissy dinner who loved clowns so it got a home in the end... Haven't done one since but admire the emotions you caught here in yours :)

~Rasz~ said...

Hi my Crow Friend!!! Hope you are feeling better. Being sick is just yucky! I love your comment and thank you. Take care and I think I owe you an email, lol!! Big hugs!

Hi Ayala!I am so happy you have hosted this wonderful challenge again. You are quite the hostess and I love that you stopped by! Thank you.

And to my beautiful baby girl faerie. Okay, next week I will try because I know you will bug me and your brothers until I do, right? I love you so much!!!!

Hi Shelle! So glad to see you up and back in blogland too. That's a great story about clowns. Gets me thinking of all the people who hate clowns, including me. I wonder why that is? I don't think I know anyone who likes them. Your story is great and thanks for the compliments, especially coming from an artist who really inspires me. I like the pencils because I can smear them with my fingers or erase if I want a lighted area.

Lynda Norton said...

Great Faces, I love your clown. I hate clowns too, but then I read Stephen Kings 'IT' I think thats what is wrong with many of us.