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February 01, 2014

big time blogger blunders...

Okay, I'm certainly not perfect.
I mix up my kids and fur babies names almost daily,
I forget where my coffee cup is so much it's usually cold or I find it in the microwave, cold, from trying to heat it up half an hour before.
I have a calendar on my wall, in my purse and on my smarter-than-me phone.
That still doesn't keep me from being human and forgetting things,
no matter how important they are to me.

Today I realized I forgot two very special events.
My beautiful crow friend Stacy at MagicLoveCrow emailed me and gently reminded me that I needed to send her a picture of the ATC I received from the ACEO Challenge Christmas Swap.
No problem. Went straight to my blog to grab the photo. It seemed easier than trying to find the picture since I am still in the process of transferring pictures to my laptop..
Not only did I not find the BEAUTIFUL, AWESOME, WONDERFUL ATC, I also found that I had not blogged about it. Double big blogging blunder!
So here it is:
"Evergreens in Winter"

Awesome, right?
 This watercolor ATC was created by Kathleen "Kathy" Golter Roeth". You can see some of her beautiful artwork HERE.

Oh Kathy I am SO sorry!
And my apologies to Stacy and all the wonderful artists over at the ACEO Challenge.
Kathy's ATC arrived right after I got out of the hospital and it really cheered me up, so it has an extra special meaning to me.
Thank you Kathy for trading with me!

Onto the next blogger blunder.
I was so excited to sign up for the 29 Faces Feb. 2014.
Just realized TODAY is the FIRST day of FEBRUARY!
No new face to post so tomorrow I will need 2 done.
That will be my challenge for tonight!
I don't want to cheat and put up some other faces I have done recently.
I joined to get practice, have fun, meet new friends and be more accountable to my art
(really, I bet you are laughing by now, I know I am).

There is my 'fessing up to my blunders,.
Wasn't the first time and I am sure it won't be the last :).

Have a great night!
I'm off to paint and/or draw faces for tomorrow's post!

And a special THANK YOU for all you wonderful bloggers who have supported me through this crazy part of my life.
2014 will be better I am sure!
Bloggers are the BEST and I am blessed to be part of this community!


Magaly Guerrero said...

Shame on you! *shakes fists violently in the air... and then sticks her tongue out* Just kidding, about the shame...

It happens to the best of us. Just a bit ago I spent way too much time looking for a coaster for my tea. I was getting pissed off and my Piano Man was grinning. I glared at him. And he showed me that the coaster I was trying to find, so that I could set my tea mug on, was under my tea mug.

Life rules!

Lynda Norton said...

Dont worry you are not alone, I think once 'some of us' get to over 40 we are doomed. Look forward to seeing you on 29 faces I am doing it too.

Magic Love Crow said...

Robin, you just keep being you! We love you! xooxoxo