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January 18, 2014

so much to share...

I am so glad to be back in Blogland with all my Blog friends.
Hopefully all the glitches I have been dealing with are gone.
If you see anything weird or have problems here, please let me know.

Now onto fun stuff!

A while back I had posted that I won the pillowcase from Lil' Shy's Pillowcases Christmas giveaway?

Well it arrived in the last week or so and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!
All of the edges were either doubled hemmed or serged and the color is awesome.
It is so soft and well made. I am really impressed!
You can pop over to her site HERE and there are links to her Etsy shop too.

Next, I got our little family made into crows by my daughter.
There is one for me, my daughter and her two brothers:

Aren't they cute? They look flat in this picture however they are very plump:)
The crows are laying on our "Traveling Towel" we use to protect items we mail to each other and to send messages along with the packages.
She also made me the cutest Faerie doll that didn't photo well. I will have to try again.
That can be for another post.

My new bendable clip-on light is up on the easel and I have started a new painting.
It's really nice to be able to see what I am trying to do.

My Sissy and her coworkers got me a laptop!
I needed my own computer and my old laptop was way too old to use anymore.
I guess they don't even make the hard drive for it.

I am SO happy using my own computer and setting it up for ME!!!
I have been feeling very dependent on others these past few months and this new computer gives me some much needed independence.
The most beautiful part of receiving this gift is that people who don't even know me, helped to purchase it.

And it fits perfectly on my art table so I can stand or sit or take it to the couch or bed too!
I feel so loved and blessed.

Oh there's more, a new fur baby:
Meet Buddy:

He is a cute little 3 month old Chihuahua. 
I have always been a big dog lover and never really attracted to little dogs.
This tiny guy totally changed my opinion.
He is a bundle of pure love & joy.
He was brought in and he adopted me. I'm not complaining at all.
Buddy is so easy to train. Doesn't he look like he could be Charlene's baby?
Charlene is acting like his mommy also and doing a great job.

That was a lot for one post. Time for a little break and some painting.

Have a great weekend!


Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Robin ;o) I love your traveling towel! So cute! All of you look adorable as crows ;o) LOL! Your new painting is looking nice and bright ;o) I think I need a brighter light for where I paint! Maybe look for one tomorrow! It is so special about your new computer! Truly a blessing of kindness! Lots of good energy around you Robin ;o) Your new puppy is adorable!!! Love those ears! Big Hugs and take care ;o)

Li said...

Glad that there are so many bright spots in your life right now! Love the idea of the traveling towel - there might be a story in there somewhere :-) Hugs

Lynda Norton said...

Look forward to the rest of that super looking canvas. Hello to dear Buddy, I know what you mean I have always had big dogs too, but I am starting to think that the future may well hold a smaller one.

Hope you are well x

Magaly Guerrero said...

Hooray! I'm doing a happy dance. So many pressies and so many news, indeed. So happy for your laptop and sending energy hugs to those who give without expecting anything back. Can't wait to see what you'll paint. ;-)

Darnell J Knauss said...

Oh, Robin, what a happy and uplifting post this was! How blessed you are to get the new laptop and how blessed we are, too, so that you can keep on sharing with us!!

Enjoy the little darling; such a sweet photo with Charlene! Have a wonderful weekend and happy painting!! Hugs, Darnell