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November 19, 2014

it's wednesday and that means woyww...

hosted weekly by the awesome Julia Dunnitt over at Stamping Ground!

Wednesday is the weekly day we all get together and snoop into each other's work spaces and see what all the creative people around the world are up to!
For more info or to join into the fun go HERE!

My new workspace is in the lower level of my Sissy's house.

I can set everything up and then put it all away neatly under the stairs.
I can even set up my art table and fold it down when I am done,
easy peasy!

 I was going to work on one of the backgrounds I had made recently until
I saw this painting I never finished with green sunflowers!
I have no idea how the sunflowers got painted green, what was I thinking?
It was so ugly I had put it away over a year ago and decided now was a good time to bring it back to life.

 I still have other backgrounds on standby too!

That's it for me and I am on my way to get my new glasses!


November 18, 2014

okay...time for me to stop whining...

I realize I have been a little (?) whinny about all my mixed media art being packed away and in all different places. I have had such wonderful messages from all my blogger friends that sparked that little ember in my soul into a burning fire to create regardless of what "stuff" is missing!

I have three canvases waiting and my Sissy brought home a plastic grocery bag full of colorful leaves and then across the street was another tree with some beautiful leaves that added to the collection:

Don't the yellow leaves look like wings?
And the red, skinny leaves look like butterfly bodies?
Hmmm...that might work.

I also have been bummed because I do not have my stamps.
So I used a black tray from the grocery that is used for packaging meat
to make some handmade stamps of my own.

These messy looking stamps will make some cool marks on my backgrounds.

That's it for me today.
Going to finish my coffee and get busy.
Who knows what will be created today.

I just have to thank all of you who have been encouraging and inspiring me.
You never know what a little comment on someone's blog can do for that person.
Bloggers ROCK!!!!

November 17, 2014

it's a new week with endless creative possibilities...

Last night I was in a lot of pain and couldn't seem to concentrate on TV,
that meant it was time to either go lay down OR
pull out my sketchbook and just doodle.

I opted to doodle!

Oops, I see a row of triangles that I didn't finish up in the right corner, haha!

Today I want to work on one of the canvases I posted on my Paint Party Friday post!

I think it will be this one:

Hope you have a wonderful, creative, healthy week!

November 16, 2014

just a sunday sketch...

I started this sketch today with graphite
and some messy marks.

Finishing up with colored pencil.

On my mind today was that I know everything will be okay, someday,
and I am reminded that by loving and caring family and friends.
It's just sometimes I start to wonder what the future looks like,
where will my home be?
What will my health and life be?
and where I will be in a year from now?
It can be scary and I try not to let "fear" get to me,
so I sketch...

This drawing is what came out of all my emotions today.
I seem to draw faces the more emotional I get.
What do you create with your emotions?

Have a great week!

November 14, 2014

it's paint party friday...

YAY! It's Paint Party Friday!
Unfortunately I think my muse has packed her bags and moved on.

All I have wanted to do is PAINT!
Big, messy canvas mixed media painting.
Something I haven't done for over a year, at least.

It's hard when I am moving around so much and staying at other people's houses.
I don't remember where all of my stuff is anymore.
I have paints and blank canvases and some stencils,
although I have no idea where anything else is stored.
So before the rain came, I set up everything to paint.
It was awful and I felt like I was doing something so foreign,
something that I had never done before.

I got a couple backgrounds started before the rain and my sissy let me set up my plastic table downstairs and store my art stuff under the stairway.

My big wooden art table is slid in between the folding plastic table
and the stairway.

It's a nice little spot and no one really goes down there.
I am very grateful to my sissy for giving me a place to stay
and giving me my own little spot to hopefully get back to creating.

Here are the backgrounds I did.
Out of all three, I like the smaller one on the art table the best.
I wish I had my stamps and other papers for backgrounds
but all in due time I guess.

One more thing I mad to journal on:
The ultimate, confusing, fun lines to write on:

Time for me to go feel better by visiting all the creative and wonderful people who have joined in the party this week!

October 31, 2014

i'm late, i'm late for a very important date at paint party friday...

I may be late yet I made it!
Thank you Eva and Kristin for once again hosting the weekly party
that all of us love!

It's Paint Party Friday
where creatives all over the world check in with other creatives
hopping from blog to blog.
Want to know more? Go HERE for all the info.

I actually have a finished project to post today!
I save all my clean-up paper towels from all my painting prjects.
I've had these three, already adhered to watercolor paper with the idea of using them as backgrounds for some mixed media projects.
These three have been hanging around for over a year and since I am trying to wrap up all of my WIPs, I knew I had to use them or loose them.

The paper towels were darker than what I usually use as backgrounds.
They were left over from painting purses and totes,
with beautiful colors and textures.

I didn't want to "loose" them, so I cut them up!

Hundreds of  little, beautiful, textured, colorful pieces!

Look what these cool pieces turned into, a mosaic formed by adhering the pieces with Golden Gloss Soft Gel which oozed up through the all the cracks.

Here's a better view of the texture.
The cracks were lightly colored with some purple watercolor paint.

I still have enough pieces left over for another mosaic (and possibly some jewelry).

That's it for me...now to go out and visit everyone else!

Happy Halloween and Happy Paint Party Friday!

October 17, 2014

yay! it's paint party friday and my camera is broken...

Happy PPF!
Thank you Kristin and Eva for hosting the best weekly party EVER!
Want to find out more? Go HERE.

My camera stopped working this week.
Luckily I have all the pics I need to post!

First, I want to show what I finished this week.
She was my WIP last Friday and I decided NOT to add paint and stay with only pencil, graphite and colored, to complete her.

I fell in love with her.
Have you ever created something that you know came from your soul and spoke to your heart? 
Well, she is the one for me.
She is the kick-off for a series of WIPs and future creations from different medias called 
"The Warrior Within"
and her name is "I Am".
I wrote more about her on my new Facebook page that I am trying to create, lol.
The page is HERE if you'd like to read more.

Now onto painting.
Since moving around so much I have had WIPs all over the place. 
I think I have gotten them all with me now so I can get busy and finish them instead of constantly posting half done art :-)
 So far she has ink, colored pencil and watercolor.
Today I want to add some acrylic and gloss medium...
and more color!
I wish I had a better pic but hopefully she will be done by next Friday,
and my camera will be working again.

Here is another WIP I am working on too:

One more thing!
I need HELP!!!
How do I connect with other artists or mixed media groups out on Facebook?
It took me years to make the plunge into FB and now I am ready to build my page better and meet other creatives out there!

Have a FANTASTIC Paint Party FRIDAY!

October 15, 2014

a cuddly corner for what's on your workdesk wednesday #280...

Happy What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday #280!
Also called WOYWW!
This is a weekly bloghop hosted by the wonderful. creative Julia Dunnit.
All us creatives get to go out and visit each others work areas and peek into what they are working on each week.
It is so much fun!
For more info, go HERE!

Here is my work area for the last few weeks:

This picture was taken last Wednesday for WOYWW.
My doctor appointments kept me from posting as planned.
I covered up the picture on the lighted lap pad
as that one is finished and will be posted later.
I am now going back to an older WIP that I am ready to work on:
Now you may be wondering why I used last week's
corner of the sofa I have been nestled in?

Or why not take a picture of the sofa and the WIP
I am currently working on?

Well it seems my camera is no longer working!
It won't turn on, it won't charge, it won't do ANYTHING!
Luckily I already had the two images that fit for today.

I'm blaming Mercury in Retrograde and the latest lunar eclipse.
Works for me.

Have a Wonderful WOYWW!!!
Time for me to go snoop into other creative's areas.

September 30, 2014

a beautiful, yet scary, hospital garden...

Last week I was in the hospital for a few days.
The hospital was beautiful and clean.
There was even an outside garden for patients and visitors to enjoy.

Here is the bridge that leads into...


The garden looks so inviting with it's statues and fountains.
Even though we are in a severe drought here in Northern California, the majority of this garden is able to still stay green by careful watering and drought resistant plants.

There is also an concrete walkway that forks to the left of the bridge where people can sit, walk get some fresh air or take a shortcut to the cafe.

Just in case you missed the sign, here it is a little bigger:

Yes, you read that correctly, RATTLESNAKES!

Part of living here is knowing to watch out for rattlesnakes.
However that is usually while hiking, walking the dog,
out by the river or lakes,
NOT at a hospital.

This sign is totally appropriate here, in this neck of the rocks.
I have just never seen this sign at a hospital.

Even though we share our homeland with the rattlesnakes,
black widows and scorpions, I have not gotten over my dislike of rattlesnakes.

I still laugh at the thought of pulling along my IV pole while searching my surroundings for snakes.
Did I try it?

Have a great day, and share a reptile story in the comments.
I would love to read it and I am sure so would others.

September 26, 2014

yay...it's paint party friday and i am joining in...

Happy PPF!
I am so happy to be joining the party this week.
I don't always get to join in however
the awesome hostesses
Kristin and Eva never miss a week!
Want to know more or join in?
Go HERE for more info.

I got a brand new 9"x12" Mixed-Media Sketchbook.
Over the last week or so, I have been slowly working on a new Forrest Girl, while recovering from a few days in the hospital.

I thought since this was a Mixed-Media sketchbook and she was a new girl, I would try some experimenting with layering mediums and see what happens.

First, I sketched with my favorite graphite pencil:

Then I sprayed the sketch to seal it and began to add a little color with colored pencil:

I saved some graphite smudges on purpose.
It is a little out of my comfort zone,
however it gave her some shadowing and I liked it!

Once I am done adding color with pencils,
I will be sealing that layer and the painting will begin!

Oh I can't wait to see if this works the way I see it in my head.

Happy Paint Party Friday and have a GREAT weekend!

September 05, 2014

and it's paint party friday...

Yes it's that favorite day of the week!
and that means it's
where all the creatives gather to see what each other's
WIPs or finished creations!
Click HERE for more information
and to meet the gracious hostesses
Kristin and Eva.

I picked up some very inexpensive acrylics,

along with three very small wrapped canvases
with matching little easels
and a beautiful hummingbird stamp.


I have never worked with such small canvasses.
The square one is 2"x2" and the rectangle ones are 1-1/2"x2-1/2".

BTW, I am staying at my Sissy's house this week and had to be 
VERY careful not to get messy. 

I painted the front and sides of the canvasses in a dark brown.
(These paints have no color names on the tubes)

Didn't spill a drop of paint and even had one of those puppy pads on top of my folding table just in case, which was a great idea because I did spill my coffee! 

No worries Sissy if you are reading this, the puppy pad caught every drop.

I decided the folding table on the carpet wasn't quite stable enough for my coffee, had to move the cup and made sure there was only a little water for rinsing my brushes.

I wanted the three pieces to flow together with lots of color.
Here is a better look of the beginning:

Oh, how I miss my good acrylics.
I'm hoping to have them out of storage and living in my own place soon.
So for now, I will use what I have with a big smile on my face
and gratefulness in my heart.

Happy, Happy, Happy PPF...
And have a great weekend too!

September 04, 2014

Time to get back to the paints for a bit...

I have been enjoying drawing, learning how to sketch with graphite pencils,
ink markers and colored pencils.
This is my first REAL sketching before drawing the picture out in ink and erasing the graphite lines:
Adding some ink and colored pencils:
There is lots left to finish her, however,
I haven't painted with acrylics for a while.
I miss the feeling of the paints, the mess and the surprises discovered with acrylics.
I think acrylics must be my favorite medium.

I have 3 little wrapped canvases and easels ready to go:

The square canvas is 2"x2".
The rectangular canvas is 1-1/2"x 2-1/2".
I have never painted little canvasses.
Aren't they just too cute!
Oh YAY!!! I am so excited.
Oh and I got a new stamp and plastic paint
dish to keep everything light and moveable.
AND I will have something painted to join back up with
Paint Party Friday!

See you tomorrow with (hopefully) something painted.

September 01, 2014

the wings just have to go...

Happy Labor Day to all of you who have the Holiday!
Please let me know in the comments where you are and if Labor Day is a Holiday to you.
It seems here in the USA, we have a lot of Holidays
and are adding more.

Lately I have been stuck on drawing what I call Rasz's Forest Faeries.
My family, friends and myself have come to the conclusion that wings are not my specialty and my faeries in the forest would probably look a lot better without the wings.
Now would that mean they are no longer faeries?
Maybe they can be Forest Nymphs?
What do you think?

Here is the beginning of possibly my last winged Faerie:

I am still learning shadowing and had to bring back my beloved dragonflies.

Here is my drawing almost done:
I am enjoying drawing and trying faces and trees.
I am still learning (aren't we all?) and can only do art sporadically throughout the day so sketching and drawing is something I can do laying on the couch or at night in bed with my awesome lighted lap table my sissy got for me.

Uh-oh, I thought I had a picture of it.
Well there is always tomorrow to post it, right?

Have a wonderful Labor Day or Monday!

August 08, 2014

paint party friday, uh-oh...

I LOVE Fridays.
Each Friday I get to join in with wonderful, artistic, creatives from all over the world.
This party is brought to us by Eva and Kristin over at
Paint Party Friday, of course!

Today I say "uh-oh" in my post heading is because:
  1. I gave up on my painting
  2. It was not turning out well
  3. I lost my motivation 
Regardless I am posting today for some possible help from all the creative artists playing today!

This is what I wanted to color in with watercolor:
(it has been drawn in ink on watercolor paper)
This is what I have done with it:

I enjoy color, especially shades of greens and purples.
Nothing was happening here,
The paper got scratchy from the water and brush,

Maybe I need to watch some watercolor lessons.
I felt like a total beginner and gave up,
which really was what bothered me the most, lol!
I am sure there are others out there who have similar stories.

Any tips or suggestions?

Hopefully I will have something painted for next Friday!

Hugs to all!
Have a Happy PPF!!!

August 06, 2014

i made it to woyww...#270, wow...

Here I am finally getting back to my weekly excitement which includes:
TODAY!!! What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday #270,
or, for short, WOYWW,
Hop over to Julia's to learn more or join in the fun, weekly desk hop!

I have been a traveling artist for the past several months/couple years and I am praying soon I will have a place of my own.

Today I am blogging and painting from my sissy Lisa's house.
I want to finish this ink drawn picture in watercolor by tomorrow night so I can post a completed large 9"x12" painting for Paint Party Friday.

My Inspire dish holds the water...not too much, the folding table is sitting on the beautiful front room carpet.

You may notice my coffee cup.
My sissy's man collects Starbucks coffee cups.
This cup is mine when I am here since I was born in Ohio!

Anyone else out there from Ohio?
I've actually spent the majority of my life in California,
only my youth was back in the Midwest.

That's it for me today.
Have a Wonderful WOYWW and lets go create!

August 01, 2014

it's paint party friday...come play...

It's Friday which means:
hosted forever by the lovely Kristen and Eva.
Thank you ladies for keeping this going on for so long!
It truly gives me something to look forward to.
Go HERE to learn more or jump in and play with us.

The only paints I have with me are my watercolors and I got stuck on the Mandela from last week, so I put that away.

I have tried making some ACEOs by cutting the cards from large pages of watercolor paper.
Being "straight-lined deficient" doesn't help much but
my see-through sewing ruler helped get the job done.

Here is my "Forest" ACEO in watercolor only:
2 1/2"x3 1/2" ACEO in watercolor
I have been stuck in a forest-y/green-ery/faerie mode for quite some time along with using ink and pencils.
I miss painting though, so here is my next watercolor paper done in ink and just waiting for those beautiful wet, moving colors to bring it all alive:
9"x12" ink drawing on watercolor paper
Hopefully I will have more paintings to share next week OR at least the one above completed.

Happy PPF and have a GREAT week!
Hugs, Rasz

July 28, 2014

being a travelling artist...

I have not had a permanent home in several years now, since I became too disabled to work. It's been a struggle and I feel so blessed to have my family, extended family, and all my blogging friends helping and encouraging me along the way.

It's easy to throw clothes and essentials into a duffel bag,
I'm pretty much a pro at that.

My art supplies are a little more difficult.
I was constantly setting up and taking down art spaces.
It became more difficult each time.
I had to find a better way...

My "Art Base Camp" is at my son's in the spare room/office.
This is where I store canvases, acrylics, and all my paper stash.
When I go somewhere else for a week or so, I have
"Traveling Bags"...

Since I love drawing, colored pens and pencils and my art journal, it was essential to always have them with me.

Here is my pencil/pen/journal bag.
Everything fits quite nicely!

Pencil side:
Pencils, scissors, journal, pencil sharpeners and erasers.

Ink side:
Sharpie markers, micron markers, fabric markers, eye glasses and somewhere in the bag is usually my cell phone charger too!

Next is my watercolors.
They travel well and go perfect to add color to my drawings:
I picked up this cute leather bag at the thrift store for $2.00!

Look what it can hold:
 and more...

Amazing, right?

Always with me is this little dish that serves a lot of purposes but mainly reminds me to find inspiration:

I almost forgot the most important item:

This is a strong, lightweight, plastic folding table my son bought at WalMart for me!

All of this is perfect to carry around and provides enough mediums to keep me busy.

Have a Magnificent Monday and a great week!