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December 05, 2013

strokes, tia's, complex migraines and comparing colored pencils...

I am happy to be back in blogland again!

I was admitted to the hospital once again.
It's been twice in three weeks and both times I was admitted was for what looked like a stroke.
My left side of my face was drooping and not moving, there was left side weakness, I was confused, words were not coming out right, and I was scared.

It was more intense than the first episode that I was admitted for, and released with the diagnosis of a TIA (transient Ischemic Attack). Basically a mini stroke without bleeding.

This last hospitalization I was diagnosed with a Complex Migraine. What's interesting about this type of migraine is that it can mimic a stroke and can be with or without pain. I believe it is similar to the attack several years ago that the TV reporter Serene Branson had during a televised report she was doing. There's a great article written by Leigh Vinocur, MD FACEP on Doctor Oz's website.

Never, ever ignore any symptoms of a migraine, stroke or just not feeling right. It could be a serious condition that every minute could change the outcome. I highly recommend reading the article on Dr. Oz's site.

For me, there is no telling when or if I will have another episode. Even though my cholesterol and blood pressure are great, I will have to stay on a Lipitor-type medication and of course a baby aspirin every night :)

Okay, that was alot and if you made it this far, thank you and I hope it was educating.

Now for art!

This is my work space right now;
couch, an old wooded TV tray and a coffee table:

I am resting up and doing just some easy-peasy coloring.

I wanted to compare my Prismacolor pencils to my Woodless Progresso colored pencils.
I had a drawing that I did with my new Micron 03 pen on watercolor paper and decided to play.

First the Prismacolor:

These pencils have a very heavy, rich color however did not blend well or even on the watercolor paper.

I added some leaves with the same Micron pen and used the light green Progresso pencil to color the leaves:

The green came out much smoother and blended well on the rougher surface of the watercolor paper.

I continued adding more greens to the leaves and did a few more flowers with the Progresso colors:

In my opinion the Progresso woodless colored pencils worked much better. Also the Prismacolor pencils need a lot more sharpening than the Progresso woodless pencils, so the Progresso pencils will last longer and I really enjoyed the shading ability of them since there is no wood to get in the way.
The winner is Progresso!

Time to go finish this one up.

Hope you are having a Terrific Thursday!
And to all the WOYWWers, I miss you all and hope to come out to play soon :)


Magic Love Crow said...

Robin, so good to see you in blog land ;o) My friend, please take it easy and please take care of yourself! So happy you are on the baby aspirin! I have to write to you about the other thing you are on! Love your drawings and thanks for the information about the pencils ;o) Big Hugs, xoxoxo

Michelle Howe said...

I want to come use your pencils! Those look great! I want a pretty drawing for Xmas!! Love you!

Pat Langley said...

I enjoyed the comments on the pencils. I have a hard time with them, but have never tried the Progresso brand. Thanks for the visit and the tips.

Lynda Norton said...

Oh dear, so sorry to hear you have been MIA due to illness again - I do hope you are back to speed soon.

As usual you are educating me on supplies and Art, never heard of Progresso pencils, but they do look good, must investigate further.

take care now xx

Gloria said...

Glad you are here and still making art. Keep up your good habits and medicine and hoping you don't have another frightening episode like you just had. (((Be well.)))

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Robin,

I sent you an email regarding your diagnosis. The article you suggested was very interesting.

I can definitely see a difference! The green really does stand out to the other pencils.

Hang in there.

Li said...

Always had a hard time with pencils. Years ago I had a set of pencils designed for watercolor - you drew/coloured the picture, then brushed over it with water to "paint". It took me a long time to produce anything I was happy with. Glad to see you back - warmest of hugs and a very Merry Christmas to you! Prayers and fingers crossed that the New Year will bring you much joy, peace and improved health. Much love, Li