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November 16, 2013

one big scare, one small stroke and one week of gratitude...

A new path...
Once again.

I feel like these past two years continue to change the path of my life.
I have no idea why, I need to really have faith and continue putting one foot in front of the other. 

It's been a week since I had a mild stroke(TIA)and spent two days in the hospital.
It all went so fast, getting to the hospital, all the tests and all the wonderful, professional, compassionate personnel at the hospital who genuinely cared about me!

I still get a little confused and can't find my words or sometimes cannot finish a sentence, although I was having those problems before, this even just made it a little harder.

My event happened in the early morning. I was heading to the bathroom and couldn't turn right...
I just kept going left. I fell and think I was knock out for a minute. Once I regained my senses, I was helped to the bathroom and realized something was wrong.

I was dizzy, couldn't speak right and was so grateful I was not alone.

I was told in ER within minutes that I was going to be admitted. The left side of my face was not responding properly along with the left side of my body.

I should be back to normal within a week or so. Much more lucky than others who have had a major stroke or not gotten to the hospital in time.

Please take a moment to look at the warning signs of a stroke and additional information HERE.
It's important and I had NONE of the stroke risk factors.
I have also learned that WOMEN have their own unique symptoms.

Today is the first day on the computer and everything is different. I have had to go much slower to think of what I am doing and how to do it.

Yesterday I took my new Micron Pens and drew over some dragonflies and flowers I had previously drawn on watercolor paper.

My new set

Micron .05 tracing

Micron .03 tracing

 Micron .01 tracing

I got to see the difference in the tip sizes of the pens and also work on my fine motor skills that I am having trouble with.
I did pretty good!

I have to show off my "Get Well Flowers" and a new vase. Pretty cool, huh?

Doing this post has not been physically or mentally easy. I know us bloggers can make it look so simple can't we?

I really, really encourage you to become aware of the risk factors and warning signs.
I was told in the hospital that there is a 3-4 hour window between the onset of a stroke to getting emergency treatment that may save your life or reduce the damage of a stroke. I'm extremely lucky in that my effects should only last a few weeks. I see my neurologist next week, YAY!!!

Here is another link to the National Stroke Association for more info HERE.

I would also like to thank spellchecker and Google in helping me write this post :)

All of you are so important and loved!
Please take the time to educate yourselves because you only have one brain in charge of all you do!

Hugs, Rasz


Magic Love Crow said...

Robin!!!! I am so sorry my friend! I am so thankful you got the help you needed and in time! And, I am so thankful the doctors have been great with you! I am sending you many healing blessings! I love your drawings! Take Care of yourself! xoxoxoxoxoxox

Gloria said...

I am so glad that you are back and able to share- especially the links and the tips. Thank goodness you got great care! Your post is uplifting- so sorry for what happened, as you say, we don't know why- big hugs to you and stay the course with your strong faith. ((((( All the best!)))))), Gloria

Lynda Norton said...

oh my goodness, Rasz my friend, how awful. I am so glad you are here posting to us all, well done for being so positive cant be easy. Sending major healing vibes from over the pond to you.

Now then, I know all about mini strokes my Mum has had 3, he last one was 15 years ago (pretty positive eh?) she did not get treatment fast enough, so still struggles a bit with her left hand and she is left handed, but despite not being able to knit anymore or do her cross-stitch she learnt to make cards, and they are amazing, she is not the fastest in the world, but certainly impressive.

You take care now, and will keep the vibes coming xx

Eliza said...

Al least it was a TIA and not a major stroke. I don't want to scare you but please be careful as one TIA can lead to another. I am so glad to hear you are back home again and doing alright, although not as good as you want. Hey you are home, don't be to hard on yourself, give it time and yes practice your perpetual motoring skills. You have a whole world of people who love you and care for you and look at those beautiful flowers. Another exercise for you is to color in pictures if you can. It is the backwards and forwards motion that you need also. Good luck, take care and I will be thinking of you, with love.

Hugs Eliza

Li said...

Wow, Robin, I'm so glad that you weren't alone!! Art can heal in so many ways, lovely to see that you are back at it already. Strokes can indeed happen to anyone, any time; I worked with a 15 year old girl last year who had suffered a TIA completely out of nowhere. Thanks for posting the info and links. Virtual hugs, healing thoughts and prayers headed your way!

Stephanie said...

Robin, I'm so glad you are okay! How scary! But your perspective is so positive. I admire your attitude. <3

Belinda said...

First of all, I want to say I am so glad to hear you are on the mend. I was to thrilled to see you post on my blog this morning so I came over to send my love back only to hear this frightening news. I am so glad you were able to take care of things fast so to avoid more complications. I remember seeing a show on TV on women and stokes and how we commonly have them first thing in the morning. I always try to keep my cell phone close by when I pop into the shower if my husband isn't near by.

Now, did you draw those dragonflies yourself? They are beautiful. I like Micron pens. I use them to journal with and love them.

Thank you so much for the visit. It's extra special that you visited me so soon after your stroke.


Kyra Wilson said...

Oh my, I am so glad you are OK. How Frightening! I'm so sorry that happened, but I am glad you got help and hopefully the effects will subside soon for you.

The tracing came out great!

Darnell J Knauss said...

I'm so glad you are going to be okay, Robin! What a scary thing to go through. Thank you so much for your wonderfully informative post! You did a great job with it. And, my goodness, I think you sold yourself short on the job you did with the outlining. It was way better than "pretty good!" I haven't had a TIA and I don't do well with that any more. Take care of yourself! Hugs, Darnell