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October 29, 2013

i'm back and i got presents...

Have you ever had weeks that fly by so fast that you don't even know what happened or why?
Well that is how it has been since I got back from my Tahoe trip.

I have made some more purses which I will show later. First though I want to share some wonderful gifts I have gotten.

This is from my Sissy Lisa:
The necklace on the left is a mixture of different beads strung and twisted beautifully together.
The gorgeous necklace on the right is turquoise nuggets strung with brass seed beads.
Lisa makes the most awesome jewelry.

THEN, I got a package from my daughter!
Her and I were separated when she was 2-1/2 years old and I have not seen her since. She just turned 33 years old and we are talking every day.
Her and I are so much alike.
I feel the empty hole in my heart is finally filled with my baby girl back!

Here's what I saw once I got the packaging stuff and towel out of the way:

First this precious little baby faery; wings, diapers and binky with a cute little bow holding up her little baby hair.

Next was a photo album full of pictures!

A book she made me promise to read with a cute bookmark that cracked me up.
She also included this darling little pipe cleaner doll and a tiny change holder:

Yay! A bumper sticker with my favorite Dragon saying on it.
I think I will put this on my art table!

And last was a couple special little things she wanted to give me! I will treasure everything!

Yep, this is my beautiful baby girl!
I am so blessed to have my daughter and my sister back in my life.

I wanted to share my joy and love and beaming heart!

May you have blessings coming your way too.

Now it's time to go find my workspaces that are covered in complete chaos before tomorrow's WOYWW.


Lynda Norton said...

Nice to see you back Rasz, wondered were you were. How totally lovely to be back with your daughter, and such amazing gifts too.

I know what you mean about time too, my theory is the 'time thief' steals it.

Magic Love Crow said...

My friend, I am so happy for you! I am sending you a big warm hug!! The gifts are all so precious, but having your sister and your daughter back in your life, is the biggest gifts of all! xooxoxxo

Michelle Howe said...

Yay!!! Love you mom!!!