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September 06, 2013

wow, i really "missed" this last week...

It's Friday evening and I am barely awake after a long day. However I realized how much I missed this week!

I missed WOYWW!
I really missed the other WOYWWers that are becoming friends from all over the world, and so fun to visit every week.

I missed posting about the awesome giveaway happening over at MagicLoveCrow for Stacy's birthday and blogaversary month!
You might want to pop over there and enter to win one of her amazing crows.
To read about the giveaway go HERE.
You can even see a couple cute photos of little Stacy!

I did try to get a few things done.
I spent several days trying to clean up after the absolutely worst ant infestation ever. The ants and I went to war, and I WILL win!

I got a sinus/tooth infection and still managed to doodle on a couple lightweight totes that would be great for shopping or carrying around a drawing pad and some color pencils or watercolors.

There are several flowers that wrap around to the back from the bottom corner. I still have to add some dragonflies and vines.

Not sure if the doodles will be painted with acrylics or ink.

And lastly, I have twisted my brain trying to figure out the new blogger+, circles, how to follow if you are not a blogger+ or in the "Circle".
It could be the fog in my head from the infection but it just seems all too confusing for me. 
If someone would like to explain the whole thing in plain non-techy language I would greatly appreciate it.
Until then, I am sticking to what little I know:)

Well since I haven't visited very many people, 
I would love to hear how your week went.

Here's to a fun and enjoyable weekend!


Lynda Norton said...

Hi Rasz
Ouch, not a good week then - hope you get back to the right track soon, see you managed some of the fun stuff though.
My week? mostly learning the portraits still, with the odd journal page thrown in.
Hope the next week is better for you xx

Darnell J Knauss said...

Hi Robin! Looks like you are missing WOYWW again this week. I've missed the last two and will miss next week, so I played today. I hope your infection from last week is not still bothering you!

Re Google+ and the circles, I don't get what that gives you as a member either, except that it gives anyone in your circle access to your photos, which I don't like, so I didn't join. (Besides that whole "circle thing" sounds so high school, doesn't it?!)

And those people who have joined are not accessible to us that haven't. A couple of my friends have backed out of Google+ after I told them I couldn't get to their blogs anymore. They had no idea. So I just said on my blog one time that if a person is Google+ then I can't comment. What else can you do?

You asked me what I do with all my cards. I send them out. It's the whole reason I got into card making. I have always been a big card sender, birthdays, anniversaries, get well, LOTS of thinking of you cards. Now that I'm older, there seem to be even more cards needed as so many friends are going through cancer or loss of a spouse. I also used to sell in a local boutique but it was too much like a job keeping it stocked once I started my blog, so I don't do that anymore. Also, if I get a backup of cards, I'll wrap them into sets and give them as presents.

Have a wonderful couple of weeks! Hugs, Darnell #24

Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Robin, you didn't have to mention my giveaway! Thanks ;o) You are too sweet! Your's is this friday! So exciting! Ants?? Yucky!! You have had a tough week! I am so sorry! Tell your gargoyle to keep better watch over you!! Big Hugs ;o)