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September 27, 2013

i got an award...

I thought I had Published this post and found it was listed as a draft!
I am SO sorry for not posting it and appologize to the ever awesome Lady Caer Morganna!

Since Friday 13th, my soul feels like its coming back out and I am heading down the right path.

Despite all the changes and uncertainty, I feel at peace. I have also been making lots of friends thanks to my blogging buddy Stacy at MagicLoveCrow!
She is the most awesome person. And has definitely listen to me bitch a lot this last year.
Thank you Stacy for not giving up on me and encouraging me to keep going.

Because of Stacy and her Birthday Month giveaways, one of my NEW blog friends is the ever awesome, sweet and special 
Lady Caer Morganna at The Wiccan Life.
She gave me this award:

Now all I have to tell you 7 things about myself that you may or may not know. And then send this award to 7 other bloggers.

These are my 7 things:

  1. I have 3 children, all grown, 1 daughter and 2 sons.
  2. I live to dance and sing.
  3. I am a coffeeholic, altho' now I am drinking 1/2 caf or decaf.
  4. My favorite snack (right now) are Terra Sweet Potato Chips.
  5. My favorite season is Autumn.
  6. My favorite number is 13.
  7. Oh, and I have 5 grandchildren, all furr-babies!
As for passing along the award, I am going to do the same offer as others are doing. This award is going around so if you didn't receive it, here it is for YOU!

Please take it as I think everyone I visit and everyone I have become blogging buddies with ALL have Lovely Blogs and even if I had to pick seven, I am sure I would forget someone and feel awful.

You can grab it here or on my awards page.

I got the coolest sign from my daughter that I want to share with you. I am not sure where it came from so I am unable to give credit:

Also don't forget to check out MagicLoveCrow later on TODAY or tomorrow to find out who the winners are of her incredibly generous Birthday Month giveaway!



Lynda Norton said...

Well done on your award, very pretty. So glad to hear you are feeling at peace, and that you have such a great friend to support you (I have one too, not many 'real' friends about).

5 fur-babies sounds good to me too.

Love the bit about the dragons:)

Lynda x

Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Chicky ;o) You can bitch all you want ;o) LOL! I am here for you ;o) You got me when you said 5 grand children! LOL! Funny girl you are ;o) Congrats on the award! Big Hugs xoxoxo

Vivienne Moss said...

Hi Robin... Stacy say tat I one a bag from you. Yay!!!! I love the dragon fly tote!!

Congrats on the award!!!

Blessings, Viv

Li said...

LOL my friend has the same dragon sign in his house! I'm glad you're feeling at peace. It's still rather warm where I am, but I'm looking forward to some fresh, snappy autumn weather in the coming weeks.

Kyra Wilson said...

I love that dragon sign, I've never seen it before! :)

Joan of LLD and ART is A Rhapsody Treasure said...

Hey There Robin!

Congrats on the award!!

What a cool dragon sign! I gotta share that with my husband and daughter - they are going to LOVE it.

Have a super fantastic day!


P.S. Thank you again so very much for cheering me on during the 30 in 30 painting challenge!!! (((HUGS))) :o)