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August 11, 2013

sunday's orange hummingbirds...

The lonely feeder awaits...

And here they come!
These are three new orange hummingbirds that are coming to the feeder.
They are more aggressive than the other hummingbirds.
There was probably 10 birds flying about and chasing each other off as I was taking these photos.
I just love hummingbirds.

I did the best I could with a Nikon CoolPix camera and birds that fly a gizillion miles per hour.

In all my years of having feeders and watching hummingbirds, I have never seen orange ones like these. 
Has anyone else?

Have a beautiful Sunday!


505whimsygirl said...

Hi Robin,

We see alot of Rufus hummingbirds here. I'll have to keep my eye out for the orange ones. I've tried to get photos of these little buggers in flight and by the time I grab my camera it's too late. I don't have a feeder in my yard but I do have honeysuckle and russian sage, which they love. Funny, I started writing a post about the hummers and plants in my backyard!


Magic Love Crow said...

Robin, your pictures are amazing!! Wow!! Fantastic! I truly love them!!! My mom loves hummingbirds so much! Unfortunately, we don't have them around this house. In our old house we did. I have never seen orange ones? Must be something special just for you! Orange, strength and courage!
Big Hugs ;o)

Roberta B said...

wow that is some camera to catch that humming bird like that. Pretty neat to see them.. like really get to see them.. in the photo is what Im trying to say. Im brain dead I haven't had any sleep. Going to peak around at some more of your stuff. Bright Blessing to you and yours

Lynda Norton said...

Wow, I dont think we have those in the UK.
Fab photo's, I was already thinking how well you did to capture them, thank you for sharing with us.

Lynda x

Gloria said...

Those photos are great, you can see the determination in their eyes! They move so fast, to get these pictures is amazing!

Darnell J Knauss said...

Great photos, Robin! Our's are "Anna's" and aren't orange in the body like that. Interesting, huh? I really like that second one where it is folded over. The awesome shadow makes it look like a ballerina!!