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August 28, 2013

it's wednesday's woyww #221...

Yes, it's Wednesday.
I know because I looked at the calendar to make sure.
So it's time for WOYWW
(What's on your Work desk/table/space/floor) Wednesday!

It's the one day a week we all can show off (or be embarrassed by) our creative spaces AND get to visit other creative's spaces all over the world.

WOYWW is sponsored by the awesome Julia Dunnit at Stamping Ground.
For info go HERE.

Since I just realized it was Wednesday and no time to "pretty up" my work areas, I just started taking pictures to share:

My work table, quite messy! See the cute little totes Ready for decorating?

Mr. Bear looks bored or just needs more coffee!

On the end of the table is my easel. Hanging there is large totes on top and smaller totes hang along the side. Under the large totes is a freezer bag full of my plastic stencils.

This is a FIRST! The ironing board is completely empty.

I have a box to put the "cuff" purse shells in with their handles, ready for sewing in with the pockets.
The pockets are now kept in this plastic container once they are ready to sew.

I'm really getting organized, finally. 
However I am not even going to show you my sewing/kitchen table. It scares me to look at so I don't want to give you any nightmares either.

Thanks and HAPPY WOYWW!!!!!

I will not be able to visit too many WOYWWers due to pain and I am having another epidural tomorrow! I will try to get to as many of you as I can!


Dianne said...

Hello Rasz, sorry to hear your not well and can't visit, always next week, love your bags,Happy WOYWW Dianne#89

Pat Langley said...

Looks like you have quite a system going on there. As long as you know where everything is, that's good. I love the colors of the totes.

Eliza said...

This was a really fun post, so what are you going to do with the small totes they are so cute. I am so sorry to hear you are in pain I do hope the epidural works for you, good luck.

Eliza & Yoda 30

Monica said...

You sure have made lots of bags and challenged the pain. it was enjoyable to see all your creations and work space.

Monica 96

susibee said...

That's a lot of bags, I assume you sell them?

Sorry to hear you are in pain.

Happy WOYWW. Susi #72

505whimsygirl said...

Boy, aren't your organized! I hope the epidural helps with the pain.


PS Did you draw that dragonfly? Looks very cool!

Magic Love Crow said...

I am so sorry you are in such pain! Shoot! I wish I could do something for you!! Please take care of yourself! I am so happy you are getting so organized! All those bags! Those are the ones your son painted? Give Mr. bear a hug for me! No nightmares for me ;o) xoxooxxo

sandysewin said...

Hope you feel better soon!

I'm impressed with the empty ironing board. Mine is mostly an extra flat space to stow stuff. :-)

Happy Woyww,

Sandy #12

Helen said...

get well soon. love the totes - you've been busy! Helen 23

Janene McAnally said...

Hi Rasz!! Thank you for visiting my blog, especially as you are in pain. I hope that with the epidural it will go away. Your bags look great!! I used to sew alot, making clothes for others as well as myself, but I haven't touched a machine since my daughter in law's wedding dress 5 years ago! But I am LOVING doing art journaling and multimedia work :-). I hope that you have a wonderful week and happy belated WOYWW!
Janene #20

Lynda Norton said...

Hi Rasz
Hope you are feeling better now, sorry to hear you were suffering. Good to see how busy you keep though. I have made life easier for you by not blogging this week so one less chore for you (that or I just have not had time, life got in the way)

take care
Lynda x

Karen Ives said...

Crikey! you look really busy.
Thank you for visiting me.
Karen 60

Kimberly Hogan said...

How are you feeling?? You really have an efficiant system going. I love all the bright colors of the totes. I am really sorry you are still struggling with pain. I totally get how debilitating it is. It can really hold you hostage some days. I sincerely hope you are feeling better. Keeping you in my thoughts. (((HUGS)))
Kimmie #1

Cazzy said...

Hi Rasz, thanks for visiting me, hey it is Wednesday again already and I am visiting you for last Wednesday!

I hope the epidural worked, I have been told I can have them, I will hold off for now.

I love the totes, do you dye them or buy them in pretty colours?

Cazzy x #66 in #222

Sunshineshelle said...

Thank you for dropping on by & welcoming me back to cyber world! Looks like you are ready to get creative too, I love this post, & the ironing board LOL, Mine has piles of books, papers, a laminator all balancing on it LOL, I have to iron on the floor at the moment (as long as I kick the mess out of the way ;)

Sunshineshelle said...

PS Hope you are well & fully recovered too! x