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August 07, 2013

it's wednesday! What's on your work desk?

Hi everyone!
It's Wednesday, my favorite day of the week,
What's on your work desk Wednesday!
Today is #218 and we get to snoop into the work areas of other artist/bloggers all over the world,
and they get to come visit us and see where we create too. 
To find out more, visit the awesome, funny and creative, and creator of WOYWW Julia Dunnit HERE.

This is what I found in my space(s):

Since I can only do a little at a time, I am creating, well actually figuring out, how to make an assembly line for projects. Now you have to be very organized for this. I use to be organized, now I am scattered...what was I talking about? Oh I remember, an easier way for me to do things now that my body doesn't cooperate. So this is the table with my sewing machine and 5 partially finished purses. See the colored pencils, yes I am using them also to draw and doodle and color my purses. Yep, they work too!!

My work table where I can stand or sit...

And two new items to make things better for me:
I would recommend this brush for anyone who has problems with their hands and has to paint larger surfaces. It's got a squishy handle, ergonomic, inexpensive and very light. It was bought at the local hardware store!
This and my glue gun are quickly becoming my best friends.

Next is a tiny paint roller with spongy rollers?
That doesn't sound right?

I can carve out a design in the spongy roller,
then roll it on to my material,
however I haven't done it yet :(

Now the ironing board, something interesting there:
Oops, I couldn't take the picture of the ironing board because I have four very special
items-in-the-making there.

Here is the corner of the table where my son's girlfriend's daughter keeps her paints.
Now does that make me "Not the Grandma"??

And while I was working on purses, she was painting purses:
A true artist she is!

I need your opinion, how do you like the colored pencils on the painted purses?

Now off to Julia's to see what number I came in at. Seems no matter how early I start, time runs faster than I can post!

Oh and I made my font bigger. If I have to work at reading it with small print, maybe you did too?

Hope you are having a Wonderful WOYWW week!


Winnie said...

Wow, your purse is beautiful! I love the colored pencil on it! I never knew it could be done! Love that the little one creates with you! I love crafting with kids (I borrow my sisters 4 kids, or my brother's 3...) Enjoy the day! Winnie#76

Julia Dunnit said...

Loving the bigger font..thank you! And the pencils on the purses - they are so soft and pretty.. I think they're lovely. Looks to me as if you've adapted beautifully to 'not being the Grandma'..how lovely!

April Story said...

I really like the painted flowers on the purse. April #122

okienurse said...

WOW Rasz I love that penciled purse! I had a friend that used colored pencils on everything so I think the only limiter is the imagination! It is awesome all the bags and purses made by you and the "not so granddaughter" that has you 'not being the grandma' Bet she likes coming to your house best!! Have a great week and hope all is going well with you! Vickie #36

Lynda Norton said...

Thank you, the font makes it much easier for me. Love the pencil design on the purse.

Lynda #82

Roberta B said...

wow you have a lot going on there. I love seeing that I am not the only person who keeps those nice kfc tubs to reuse. Have a great day and bright blessing to you and yours .
Roberta 110

Magic Love Crow said...

Hey young lady ;o) Everything looks wonderful ;o) Nice and messy! LOL! Just teasing ;o) I like seeing what kind of tools you use! Very interesting! You know how I feel about your purse!! A+++
Big Hugs ;o)

Kimberly Hogan said...

Hey raz, How have you been feeling?? I've been thinking bout you. Love your purse. The flowers look beautifully done. I noticed the butter tub, I love that Kerry Gold Butter. I think that the purse paintings are really adorable. How old is the budding artist?? I hope you are feeling ok. Hvae a great weekend. (((HUGS)))

505whimsygirl said...

Very cool! I LOVE the flowers on the purse!!!

That paint brush looks like I need one -- just as soon as I get back to creating.


glitterandglue said...

That purse is beautiful - well done. Trust you enjoy being not the grandma to such a little artist!!
Have a special week.
Margaret #68

Darnell J Knauss said...

Love the bigger font and love the colored pencils on the purse. (Love your son's girlfriend's daughter's painted purses, too, and wow, look at all those apostrophes!!) Happy Belated WOYWW, Rasz, and enjoy the rest of your week! Darnell #12

Gloria said...

What's not to like about the pencils on the purse? It's beautiful!

I very much appreciate the larger font.

Can't wait to see what you do with the sponge roller.

The budding artist may be a handbag designer!