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August 16, 2013

i love my new purse...

This is a Mixed Media purse I made for myself.
I still use my tote almost daily yet I wanted something smaller, lighter and with my
"Doodles and Dragonflies".

We all have our "signature something" in our art and mine has been these flowers and dragonflies.
My art journals are full of them.
Now I know why I couldn't stop drawing them,
they were meant to be on what I make!
Finally it feels right and exciting.

I have sewn in a large snap for closure instead of using magnets that can mess up electronics or strips on the back of bank/credit cards.

This purse measures approx 13" wide, 8" high with a 32" strap. There is a sewn in pocket which is about 8"x9" for my cell phone, gum, mints, etc...
It sure does hold a lot.

There is a wallet/clutch purse, lotion, cell phone, inhaler, carmex, medicine box, checkbook, a couple pens and a yearly calendar (to keep me heading in the right direction daily) and I am sure some more odds 'n ends. 

It looks great hanging from my shoulder or across my chest and does not look overstuffed at all.
All these pictures were taken with it full and ready to go.

I would love to read your comments, suggestions or if you like it or not. I value your opinion. I have already had one lady at the art gallery say she thinks it needs a divider in the middle.

What do you think?
And what is your "signature something" you always put in your art?

Hope you are having a Fabulous Friday!


Gloria said...

I like your idea of a snap. Your bag is lovely, the signature designs you use are light and airy- ♥

The suggestion I have (only because you asked) would be another smaller inner pocket as the cell phone or similar item is quicker and easier to reach and maybe the strap could be adjustable?

I don't know if it needs a divider, it's casual and cute the way it is.
Hope you end up selling a bundle!

Lynda Norton said...

I think it looks lovely, in my fave colour too.

Magic Love Crow said...

Great job! I love it! I love the snap closure! I don't know about the divider? I am not a divider person! LOL! But, maybe an inner pocket like Gloria said. You know my signature is my crows ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

Neet said...

Wow, this is stunning.
Hugs, Neet xx