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August 24, 2013

4th friday's more with four...on saturday...

Well it's the fourth Friday of the Month and that means its More with Four...art inspired by four letter words (the clean ones) sponsored by the the Incredibly Resilient Awesome Gloria over at New End Studio.
Go HERE for more info.

If you've already had your coffee you may realize, as I did, that it's SATURDAY and I am a day late.
Oh well, last month I remembered the following Wednesday so I think I am doing better?
Guess it's another note I have to put up, so sorry Gloria and the Group.

This is "DUMB MESS", my (2) four letter word.
Everything has been such a mess lately that I thought this ATC was appropriate.

I know it's ugly and was not suppose to turn out this way. I was making some ATCs and had this cool silver cardstock. I added paint splatters to make the background and then thought it would look cool to add those paint squirts that end up drying in cool ways.

So instead of just adding paint droplets to the ATC, I did the drops on one of my plastic tops to something and let them dry there, then I carefully peeled them off AND THEN glued them to the ATC.

I'll give you a break to laugh...

Even I cannot believe I did all this instead of just dropping the paint onto the card.

Shows you where my heads been at lately!

Have a Fabulous Day after Friday!!!


Magic Love Crow said...

LOL! You are too funny Robin!! I think your atc is excellent! I think "Dumb Mess" is very creative! I would have never did what you did! LOL! Hugs ;o)

Gloria said...

I like your experiment, it's brave and clever. You're giving me too much credit, although these days resiliency is something I have to depend on! Have a great week!