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July 31, 2013

it's woyww #217

Yay! I made it just in time to participate in WOYWW (What's on Your Work desk Wednesday).
This is the one day a week we get to show what our work spaces look like...and best of all...get to see where all of the wonderful, creative people create.
To learn more go HERE.

First I need to apologize for missing last week and visiting very few WOYWWers the week before.
Hopefully I will get to visit more this week.

Here is my mess...uh, work space:

Not too much to show. My fold-over purses were a flop due to an engineering design issue
(or in better words, a BIG BOO-BOO!).
So now I am having to re-do a new style of purses that are drying. I hopefully will have a couple to show off next week.

And my partner Charlene is no help at all.
Good thing she works for kibble!!!

And do not trust that innocent look she did for the camera. She actually gathered up the pillows like that so she would be comfy!
What a life!

I did do some really cute ATCs using items I made from fabric. I cannot show them as a couple are going to WOYWWers and I want it to be a surprise!

That's it for me. Hope everyone is having a 
Wonderful WOYWW week!


Lynda Norton said...

Better late than never, I have just popped back to finish off, I got to desk 100 yesterday and ran out of time.

Love your desk, especially the painted fork. Your helper is super too, my helper actually gives up the sofa to lay on 'the floor' in the art room.

Lynda #59

Francie said...

Cute partner. Check out my entry (Francie) to see my work assistant.

voodoo vixen said...

Thanks for visiting! Love that painty desk but I hope you have no plans on using that fork for your dinner? LOL
Charlene is a real cutie, my two cats tend to sleep on the spare bed while I scrap.. I think they just like to be in the same room as me. Annette #1

fairy thoughts said...

Hi thanks for you comments re the big m but don't panic I wasn't in the hospital .... My computer was well at the repair place so not so bad except blogging on an I phone is not that brill.
Great painty desk and I hope you sort out your design issue

Darnell J Knauss said...

Ha, what a great, great doggie pose!! Charlene is saying, "I assume you're going to pay me with PREMIUM kibble for these beautiful poses?!" She's too awesome!! Sorry your purses needed a design redo (frownie face).

Thanks for coming to visit me! I was late this week, too. I'll be visiting all week and will start my visits from the bottom up for the ones who get very few coz some people only do it for the one day. Enjoy the rest of your week! Darnell #118

Magic Love Crow said...

Hey My Friend ;o) I'm back ;o) I love your puppy ;o) Let me know when you want to do the giveaway ;o) Hope everything is well ;o) Big Hugs ;o)


G'day Rasz
thanks for dropping by for WOYWW. Oh your dog is so cute...love her nestled on the cushions. Lovely desk there too...I kept going back to look at the multi coloured fork LOL
Annette In Oz #4

VonnyK said...

Argh, blogger just ate my comment. Sorry I'm so late to reply to your visit, life gets in the way too much lately.
Shame about your purse, I hope you can salvage it. Love your partner on the couch.
Have a great day.
Von #34

Christine said...

you have been busy - every failure is just another step on the road to success!
Give the dog a kibble!

Bishopsmate #96 still trekking.....