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June 05, 2013

woyww 209...

Good Morning and welcome to my work space for WOYWW.
What's on your Work Desk Wednesday.
This is the one day a week we get to show where we create.
It's fun seeing everyone's work area and you can get some handy organizing tips too...along with meeting some great new friends and playing along with the blogging friends you already have (which is how I learned about it)
Click HERE to find out more.

So here is my workspace this morning.
It's all a mess and very scary when I look at it in pictures.
Really I thought I was SO organized, haha!

I had to have my work light on in the left corner to get a picture.
On the ironing board in the front of the picture I have four more painted totes to get busy with. There is dark grey, magenta, pink, and orange that green had spilt down the side. I'll see what happens to that one.
Can you see the corner of my couch? The one I had to get my dog Charlene off of , clean, vaccuum and put all my scraps there?
Well I organized my scraps just in time for the newest addition to my family to get cozy. Her name is Mallory and she is a rescue from our local shelter.
She is almost a year old and so small. She is an Orange (US)/Red Tabby. She probably weighs maybe 2 lbs. Only about 20% of Orange/Red Tabbies are female.

Oh, back to my work space. Got a little off track there. I had a lower spinal epidural last night and didn"t think I would even be able to post. Thank goodness for medicine!

Thank you to everyone who encouraged me to finish the green purse I was going to scrap. It came out really cute. I just need to do one more coat of gloss around the black edge.
Sorry the picture is so blurry, Who knows what I did with the settings...
I'm blaming the pain and drugs...and only one cup of coffee.
That's my story anyway. I will try to post better pictures later.

And here is a purple purse I finished:

Going back to bed. Hopefully I can be out visiting tonight or tomorrow.
Have a Terrific WOYWW!!!!!


Julia Dunnit said...

Post epidural posting - girl, you are awesome! Love the finished purses, you were right to stick with the green, so cute. I like the idea of a happy accident with the green that spilled on the orange bag..bet that comes to something lovely too.

Krisha said...

Your purses are looking beautiful, and on pain pill to boot. You rock girl!!
Krisha #11

susibee said...

Your purses look lovely. I hope you are soon feeling better.

Happy WOYWW. Susi #64

Ria Gall said...

welcome to your new family member I can see someone that is going to be showered in love
Your bags are really lovely
Wishing you a very happy WOYWW and hope you have a great week
Ria #39

April Story said...

Congrats on the new addition to your family. I hope you recovery from your shot quickly. Love the green and purple purses.
April #137

Eliza said...

It must be the drugs making your photos go blurry coz it ins't you, no way. LOL Gosh you are good to be even attempting to post after surgery, you really should be taking it easy. Love the photo and would love to see more of the furry friends in your family. Congrats on the orange member joining your family.

Eliza & Yoda

Sandy said...

Oh you are doing well to be posting just after surgery.. Love your bags they are delightful..
Sandy :) #42

Darnell J Knauss said...

Sorry for whatever caused the need for the epidural, Robin, but I had to laugh at the blurry pictures of the cute purses. I think maybe you weren't supposed to operate mechanical equipment yet or whatever it is they say! You've got spunk. . Feel better and enjoy your new pet! Darnell (I'm just visiting this week, so no no.)

Magic Love Crow said...

My friend, the purses turned out amazing!! You creative girl you! Oh, and I love your new addition to your family! Give her a hug for me! I hope the epidural gives you some relief! Take Care Robin ;o)

505whimsygirl said...

What a little cutie your new addition is! Isn't it great to adopt from the shelter - and then they feel so at home with you that they can relax!

Your purses look great!

I hope the epidural helped with the pain!!!!