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June 20, 2013

i missed woyww #211 yesterday....

Yes, I missed (and really missed) WOYWW #211 yesterday.
WOYWW (What's on your work (table, desk,space,etc.) Wednesday!
WOYWW was created by Julia Dunnit at Stamping Ground.
Find out more HERE.

For me there wasn't much except for this pile of cut outs from foam board my son made for me:

What are they you ask?
I had several pieces of foam board laying around not being used.
I am sure there was a purpose when I got them but that project has long since passed.

I needed a way to store my pained canvas fold over purses to keep them clean without them loosing their shape.
This is where the foam board comes in.

The big piece is to put into the purse before folding. The two cut corners are for the bottom corners of the purses where they fold up when the purse is flat. 

I also wanted the option of having a flat, more structured look or a more rounded "bohemian" look.

The long rectangular piece will be covered in the matching fabric of each purse to become a removable bottom. This gives the option of laying the bottom in when the purse is opened up to give a flat bottom, structured look.
Or the bottom can be left out for a more casual look.

I think I need more pictures to show the difference?
That will be my next post.

Hope everyone is having a Terrific Thursday
 and a Wonderful WOYWW Week!
Hugs, Rasz


Magic Love Crow said...

I know I always say this, but you are a clever girl!!! Great way to use the foam core, especially for the fall show! Can't wait to see the different ways to wear the purse, in your next post ;o) Hugs ;o)

Gloria said...

What a great way to make the bottom flat. I like it a lot.

I gave your blog an award. Head over to read the post when you get the chance. Have a great week!


~Rasz~ said...

Oh my Crow Friend! You are just so sweet. I think your encouragement is what keeps me going! Hugs :)

Hi Gloria! Wow, an Award!!! Thank you so much. Heading over to your blog right now...Oh I'm so excited, hugs :)