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June 09, 2013

clearer pics, sleepy babies, and heat...

I have to apologize for the blurry pictures and words on last Wednesday's WOYWW post. I don't remember posting so I guess I did a pretty good job...considering :)
Thank you for all the great comments that made me laugh!
WOYWWers are a great group!

Here are some pictures of two fold-over purses.
Does anyone else know what they are really called?
Or is that the right name?

First the green one that all of you convinced me not to scrap and to finish it instead. Thank you!!!!

The messy original colors seeped through the green giving it a rusty look in some places.

I used two stamps made from styrofoam-like packaging stuff and stamped the back (which folds over) in black paint.

The flowers are made from scraps of painted canvas ripped into strips then turned and twisted until they look like a flower.

The inside of the bag is very roomy. This one has one pocket that is sewn about 1/2" below the fold.

Below are several pictures of a new pink tote. The last pink tote I made went to my youngest son's girlfriend, and she uses it all the time!

This tote has lots of room and a large double pocket.

The roses are blue, purple, pink and some odd colors mixed in too!

And  my favorite (so far)!

I've been asked for a couple more pictures of my babies, so here they are:
Charlene napping.

Now I have realized that if you watch a kitty sleep all afternoon, you can take all kinds of pictures of them sleeping in all kinds of cute positions:

The last two days have been HOT!!!
Yesterday was around 110 degrees and humid, which is unusual for our area.
Look at my water bottle on my work station.
Can you see it has melted a little sideways?

Here's a better look:

Today is going to be cooler, in the low 90's, YAY!!!

Have a blessed Sunday!

1 comment:

Magic Love Crow said...

Hey My Friend ;o) Don't you have air conditioning? I have never seen a water bottle melt like that! That's hot! I love your new fold over purses and your new pink tote! Fantastic! Nice clear pictures ;o) And, I love the photos of your fur babies! So cute!! Take Care, Be Well and I will e-mail soon ;o) Promise ;o)