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May 22, 2013


First off my prayers go out to those effected by the devastating tornadoes, the Moore, OK being hit hardest. It amazes me to see the community ban together so quickly, just do what they have to do, helping each other and facing another day so bravely. God Bless You!

I just joined WOYWW (What's on your workdesk wednesday?)created by Julia at Stamping Ground
I found out about this at Kay's blog 505whimsygirl.
This is something I can do. You just have to post pictures of your workdesk on Wednesday. This could get scary at times. I don't have a workdesk. I have an adjustable art table and an ironing board for my workdesk.

Here's mine this morning. I actually organized it a bit last night having no idea I would start this.
This is where I stand or sit. The green thing is a painted tote that will eventually become a fold over purse (hopefully).

 I live in a very little garage studio and this is "my corner to create" when my health lets me. I'm a little slow and need help but things get done :)
The ironing board is great! When other things need ironing, I just dump all the stuff onto my table (lets hope that doesn't happen on a Tuesday night now.
It works pretty well.
The ironing board holds my thread box, a plastic bowl from one of those bowls of cut up fruit from the grocery hold my painted flowers. Under that is a plastic square box from pre-made chicken from the deli and every yogurt container doesn't go to waste either.

See you can tell not only what I am working on but what I eat too!
I recycle everything!

Thanks for the WOYWW. I can't wait to connect to everyone else participating!
Go here to find out more about it: WOYWW!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!


505whimsygirl said...

Yay! Welcome to WOYWW. It's so much fun! My workdesk is wherever I'm at at the time since I don't have a designated craft space. My dining room table is used for cards and mixed media. I usually knit while in my comfy chair with the t.v. on. And this week I really didn't show my desk at all!

You'll have to show us the fold over purse once you're done. Did you paint the tote yourself?

Yes - lets' swap ATCs. I know I should have your information but can't put my hands on it. Email me (my email address is at my profile).

Happy WOYWW!
Kay (6)

Ria Gall said...

Hi Rasz
welcome to WOYWW I hope you know that you are now part of a very addictive family but you will enjoy the ride.
Loving seeing all your work out look forward to seeing what you do
Sending hugs and hoping you have a great day
Ria #74

April Story said...

Welcome to WOYWW - you have a cute cozy space for crafting. I'm sure wonderful things are created there.
April #131

Dainty Diva said...

Welcome Rasz! You will fit in nicely with all of us and your recycling is a great thing and you're eating healthy. Thanks for sharing with us. Show us you finished tote. #156

voodoo vixen said...

Welcome to the madhouse also known as WOYWW!! I think you have been very creative with your work space, the desks and all those containers that would have ended up in a garbage dump somewhere!! Annette ~23


G'day Rasz
thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment for WOYWW. Welcome to your first WOYWW too...it's kind of fun seeing what everyone has on their desks...some are jewellers, quilters. painters, sewers etc etc so you shall see a wide variety of crative goodness as you hop around.Good use of an ironing board there LOL...recycling and sewing....good for you!!!
Annette In Oz #4

Bridget Larsen said...

Ah yes good old ironing board, comes in handy all the time and you can adjust the height, your desk looks very busy and productive, well done
Bridget #11

Neet said...

Thanks for the view of your desk/board and the idea that I have just had for a bowl like the one you have. Now need to buy something in one!
Welcome to WOYWW also - have a great time each Wednesday making more and more friends.
Thanks for visiting me earlier - Hugs, neet xx 2

Krisha said...

Welcome to WOYWW, this is so addicting, so be warned LOL. No matter how large a creaive space is we all work in a pint sized spot. You space looks very workable!
Krisha #50

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It was great to see you took the WOYWW plunge. Hope you will join each week you feel up to it. It's sure addicting. It was great of Kay to encourage you to join.

If you visit often enough, you'll learn I'm a BIG recycler, but I don't eat out very often and never buy take out. However, I like how you put everything to such good use. If only everyone did that, we would be able to get rid of our landfills.

Happy day after WOYWW from #10.

Darnell J Knauss said...

Welcome to the addicting World of WOYWW, Rachel! Your "desk" area is proof that if you have the creative bug, lack of space will not keep you from your art!!

Enjoy the rest of your week!! Darnell #64

Darnell J Knauss said...

Sorry, I see it's Rasz! My eyes must be getting WOYWW blurry!!

Magic Love Crow said...

Love seeing where you create! You are so creative in everything you do! I truly mean that! Even with the way you recycle! Fantastic! Have a special day ;o) Hugs ;o)

Heather Henry said...

Awesome. I am so happy to see that you are staying busy with your wonderful totes. I'd love to see your fold over purse when you're done too. So cool!
Happy day to you!
Big hugs!!!

Gloria said...

I put a lot of supplies in recycled containers, too. Water for brushes in mayonnaise jars, jewelry supplies in those deli containers, work in progress in Chinese takeout dishes w/lids, and more. Sometimes I have to hold back from saving so many and recycle them or donate to schools. Just got a nice pickle jar this week- no smell either! lol

It's nice to see your work area and all the bits and pieces.

sandee said...

Kay is my bud, I'll now have to look for your comments when I am over visiting with her, so glad you joined our lovely group! OK, I am asking my WOYWW folks to rally behind me and I truly need your support. I am in a contest and the voting ends today so it's now or never. PLEASE go vote for me, yes, I am begging, lol http://www.genuinelyjanestudios.com/genuinelyblog/gjs-design-a-book-contest-top-three-finalists-announced/
waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

Claire said...

lovely to meet you, rasz :)
love your lil corner - make sure you show us the tote when you've finished :)
sorry it's taken so long to reply - the days have just evaporated!
happy belated WOYWW x