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May 29, 2013

what's on your workspace 208 (woyww)

This is my 2nd week of What's on your Work Desk Wednesday? 
(work space, work bench, etc. :))
I say Work Space because that is what I have.
After last week I am addicted!
Go HERE to learn more and join up!

This is the coolest group of talented, funny, sharing, creative people.
The hardest part of this is trying to get to everyone's post.
I think I got to about 25 last week.
Today is also WOYWW 4th Anniversary!!!!!
Happy Birthday WOYWW!

I also have to mention this is a great place to just see where people create and what they create. It's like peeping into their world. 

So here is my disaster, oh I mean work space this morning:
Working on a couple purple purses.
The pink and purple painted canvas is going to be a make-up bag.
There is a pile of zippers for flowers.
In the box to the left is hair clips and headbands.
I forgot to open the box, my oops!
And way, way up there on the right of the to-be make-up bag is the iron on the very edge of the ironing board.

(Oh no! My second view from the ironing board side keeps rotating
 every time I go  to insert it here. 
Hmmmm...don't know why this would be happening. 
Has this happened to anyone else?)

Bowl of scrappy roses on the ironing board
that didn't make it into the first picture.
Sorry the pic is a little blurry.

Here are some rose hair clips
and zipper scraps for more flowers.
 Now onto the flow-over....
This was my couch a couple days ago:
 Charlene lounging around. She even fixes the pillows for herself,
can you say "spoiled", geez!

Now here is the same corner today:
Torn painted canvas for flowers, pockets inside totes or purses, smaller projects and whatever else I can think of.

Charlene got a little upset having her corner vacuumed, cleaned and pillows moved so I could put the scraps on the couch to work with them while I layed on the couch, so this is what she did:
My spoiled pup grabbed a roll of my canvas and took it to her double bed.
(Yes my Char has a bed on a bed.) The pic is blurry since I had to take it fast before grabbing the canvas from her!

In the back is a finished pink tote. The pink I use never, ever comes out right in pictures so here's the best I can get. I don't know why the pink doesn't photo.
I have tried outside, inside, flash, no flash, editing in Picasa and it just looks like this ugly hot pink, which it isn't. Oh well!

My kitchen table/sewing table with a note since I cannot remember anything anymore without notes. And my purse/tote that started it all. I use mine every day and its great as a purse for me since I can take my art journal, pens and pencils to my doctor appointments or anywhere I might have some waiting time.

Some of you wanted to see the green flop over purse finished.
It's finished however since the original canvas had a lot of colors on it, I tried to cover it up with a darker green.  It came out looking dirty.
I used one of the stamps I made to stamp the back in black so the fold over part would have a pattern on it.
It still looks dirty. I was so bummed.
The good news is I know how to make one!
Except this is going into the scrappy pile :(
(like my leopard fuzzy slippers?)

I have had a really bad legs week (that's what I call it).
I have been doing whatever I can from my bed or couch and sitting at the computer is really hard. 
I am starting up lower back epidurals again next Tuesday. YAY!!!!!
Except the neck epidurals wore off :(
which makes typing so much harder and I can only do a couple minutes at a time. It actually took me four hours to do this post, lol!
So I may not be able to make next week's WOYWW :(
I am going to take this week trying to visit as many WOYWW's as I can.
I want to meet EVERYONE!!!!
Happy Birthday WOYWW and have a great week!

A question: I did a post for Sunday's holiday and got slammed with spam. It was coming in every couple minutes. Blogger caught it all but I was wondering if anyone else had that happen. I used the name of the holiday for my post header. I went and deleted the post this morning and the spam has stopped. I think it was name or label of the post that caused it. how sad?


Elizabeth said...

Hello Robin, happy 4th anniversary to you :) Sorry to find you not so well this week. As I'm having a bad feet week, and so spending a lot of time with my feet and legs raised too, I can only sympathise and hope you get relief soon. Love your desk, the bowl of roses and your gorgeous dog. Hope you've had a lovely WOYWW, Elizabeth x #155

Krisha said...

Love you fabric/canvas prints, and the picture of your pal LOL
Krisha #140

Anne said...

Hi there and Happy WOYWW sorry your legs are not so good, hope you are feeling better soon. Really like your makes. Anne x #84

Francesca said...

Your dyed fabrics look great as do the roses. Have a good day. Francesca #31

Li said...

Wow you're busy :-) saw your comment over on Heather's blog about my looking for a poppy picture some time ago - how sweet that u remembered. Haven't been around, my daughter-in-law had a difficult pregnancy, finally emergency c-section last week. Mother and my very first grand-daughter are now doing fine. Hope to be back a little more now! I'm sorry to hear that your legs/feet are giving you trouble, sending warm wishes your way. (((hug)))

scrappymo! said...

love your bowl of flowers...and your busy desk. You like to have lots of projects on the go...Me too!

I get bored easily so like to switch things up a bit!
Thanks for stopping by my desk earlier!
Scrappymo # 176

Luscious said...

Love those scrappy roses and that adorable dog. Dori179

Cazzy said...

Hi Robin, thanks for visiting! Your desk is very interesting too, don't ditch the green purse, someone will love it, and it isn't that bad! Love Charlene, our dogs plump up the pillows too!
Sorry to hear about your back and neck, I suffer too from time to time.

Cazzy x

Cazzy said...

Oh I forgot to say, someone gave me some good advice on hopping round, go to the ones with the same end number as you first, and maybe one or two favourites, then as many as you can after that. I don't get to many more than that!

Happy WOYWW, and 4th anniversary!
Cazzy x

Magic Love Crow said...

Hello my friend ;o) What an excellent post! I love seeing where you create! I wouldn't throw out that clutch purse! I love it! Oh, and I love your spoiled puppy! So adorable! Please take care of yourself Robin!! You are important! My friend, I got your e-mail and will try to e-mail you back this weekend! I have been so busy! Big Hugs ;o)

SueH said...

I’m sorry to be late in visiting but I’m now on day four of my quest to get round everyone this week. I know it’s going to take some time, but I wanted to say that it’s amazing that the internet can bring together so many likeminded people and I’m grateful that WOYWW has also brought along so many new friends, thanks to Julia.

I’m glad we didn’t all scare you away after your first visit Robin and that you decided to come back and share your desk with us again. It certainly looks like you have loads going on. Loving the fabric roses.

Enjoy your weekly snoop, especially as we’re celebrating WOYWW’s 4th Anniversary
Happy Crafting!
Sue @82

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Robin,

Oh, I hope the epidural shots help. I know how important it is to not overdo it.

I plan to start my ATCs real soon. Finally visiting desks today.

Thanks for visiting me already! I came back from Phoenix and had some appointments so am just now getting around. Better late than never!

Kay (158)

Heather Henry said...

Your art space looks like a work of art in progress. :) So many projects going, that's how it should be. I love all of the colors of your totes and I really like the patterns you added to your own purse, that is really cool. I told you I was going to use mine for books/sketching stuff, well yesterday I just transferred the needed purse items and I am carrying it all in there. I love it. It is the perfect size for everything and I love how deep it is. I get lots of compliments on it too. yay!!! I have a suggestion...send a few business cards to anyone who gets one, so they can hand them out to people who might be interested in buying one. :) Anyway, I hope you have a lovely, relaxed weekend. If nothing else next week, you could just post pics and not worry about words. Big hugs to you my friend! :D

April Story said...

What a great fur baby. And the purple material will make great purses/make up bags.
April #125

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hullo Robin,
Well am super late but hey better late than never.. so glad you popped over! and also sorry to hear of your health and the spam would say prob the post but also can be your setting for commenting but yours look like they have been fixed to tis beyond my ken! happy 4th WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #37

okienurse said...

Thanks for dropping by for a visit and leaving such a nice comment! I love purple...(you'd never know it so I dyed my hair purple!) Love the fabric and canvas prints. Your fur baby is so cute! My girls...kittehs! are the same way and rule the roost so nicely! Sorry I am so late getting around but...life happens. Vickie #14