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April 24, 2013

my friendly reminder...

I have been continually forgetting to put my new handmade RaszArt and fabric content/washing instruction labels in the fabric totes I have been making. 
Trust me, its much easier to put them in while making something than trying to add them after the project is complete.
Maybe this "little" reminder on my sewing machine will help?
I also have a similar one on my art table and cork board reminding me to sign my work.
I really need notes up to help me remember.
(I'll know it's bad when I have to label the refrigerator)

I tried something new.
I thought it would be cool to spray paint a tote and add words to get that Urban Style. 
I hung a pre-made tote on my easel and shot it with some fabric paints that come in those cute little plastic spray bottles.

I didn't realize how far those little bottles would spray, so after getting spray on my iPod, speakers, cell phone, the wall, and table and chair behind me, I got a great idea to hang some canvas up off the back of the easel.
(ok....duhhh! I earned that one)

Didn't like what it looked like so I went outside to hear the birds and sounds of the world waking up.

Look how green and shimmery this hummingbird is!

Then I saw this the wall:
Now this is one cool moth!

A loud BUZZZZ broke into the morning sounds...it got louder and louder. 
The wasps were out, there must of been a swarm of them it was so loud.
After following the sound to find out the cause, it turned out to be the LOUDEST fly I have ever heard!
One fly, that was it and here HE is:
Can you see him? That iddy-biddy speck on the board.
Hopefully he doesn't have relatives coming to visit.

Have a great day!

Please share what is exciting in your area as Spring begins?
Oh, if you want a fly let me know...free shipping!


Magic Love Crow said...

I don't want your fly! LOL! You are so funny about the spray paints and the notes all around you! If the notes work, that's a good thing, so keep them up ;o) That hummingbird is stunning and that moth is cool! Take Care my friend ;o)
(the tote looks cool spray painted!)

Magic Love Crow said...

Just to let you know, Spring has just sprung. We are getting buds on all the trees ;o)

~Rasz~ said...

The fly is no longer available. I think my dog Charlene ate him. Hey Stacy, I would love to see what Canada looks like in the Springtime. I've never been and always have wanted to go. Take care and thank you for the comments, you're awesome!

Magic Love Crow said...

Your dog ate him? LOL! Good protein! LOL! I will try to take some pictures for my blog ;o) You're awesome too ;o) Hugs ;o)