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April 07, 2013


Since the weather was so sunny, I took my newest tote outside for some pictures.
I laid the bag out on the table right below the hummingbird feeder.

Forget about the bag...this was awesome:

Have a beautiful day!

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Heather Henry said...

Gorgeous shots. What a Godsend to capture such beauty. Hope you are having a wonderful day. Hugs to you!

Magic Love Crow said...

Robin!!! What a beautiful sign! I believe in signs and this was an amazing one!! So precious!! Wow!! Thank you for sharing!! ;o) Hope everything is going well ;o)

Amanda Trought said...

This is great, love the pictures, will definitely be pinning to my boards. Blessings for the week...


~Rasz~ said...

Hi Heather! I was amazed that the pictures even came out considering I have a very inexpensive digital camera! Hugs back to you girl!

Hi Stacy! Well if you believe that its a good sign (and I really need some good signs) I'm going to have faith and believe its a good sign too. It was so cool!

Hi Amanda! Glad you liked the pictures. You are usually the one with such beautiful pictures of the colorful outdoors. Thanks for pinning. Blessings to you too my friend!