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October 17, 2012

making a journal was "almost" done...

Our local art council is looking for different types of art for the Christmas season. I spoke with the Gallery Manager about making unique, one of a kind journals. She thought the idea was good but had to see one first to make sure it would fit the theme.

So I created 40 pages of various 5"x8" pastel cardstock, 
hand drew lines, added dragonflies, flowers or doodles to the pages
prior to having them hole-punched:

I painted a 10"x12" cover to wrap around the journal:
There were layers of paint sealed with Golden's Soft Gel Medium.
The cover felt like soft leather.

Feeling SO excited I went off to our local office supply/print shop which I have used for years.
Holding my pages and cover like it was a newborn baby, I explained to the girl in the print shop exactly what I needed and what the outcome would look like.

I need two holes punched through the cover and pages so the journal could be bound with yarn and charms.
Simple, right?

I explained that the holes would have to be punch all at once to ensure it would all line up.

We drew it out, wrote out detailed instructions as I nervously explained this was my prototype for an art show.

No problem! I was told it would be a very simple job and ready for me on Saturday and I would be called to pick up my job.

Saturday came...Saturday afternoon came...Saturday evening came...no call.

I went to the store and asked if my job was completed and was told there was a "little" problem.

It seems the cover was folded in half and punched by itself so it would not be able to wrap around.
They cut the cover in half and as I took a BIG breath I thought it would be okay.

Then I noticed that the holes in the pages were not centered!

There are only two ways to sort of fix this problem.
1. Cut 1/2" off the bottom of the cover 
                 however then the holes will still not be center.

2. Cut 1/2" from the top of the journal pages to center the holes
                             although this option would look awful on the pages as they were drawn to fit.

Either way it's not going to work.
Today I talked to the Gallery Manager and asked if I could bring in a prototype of the journal
although the holes would not be centered.
At least that would give her an idea of what the finished product will look like.
I am going to bind this with thick wool yarn and charms hanging from the front.

It's not the end of the world and I even have gotten some better ideas for the pages so it will all be good, even though I did shed a couple tears Saturday night.

Keep smiling and remember that for every mistake something good will come from it!


Magic Love Crow said...

I think I would have been upset too! But, as you said, you have to make something good out of this mistake! I guess it was meant to happen ;o) Even though this happened, I have to say, you journal is looking amazing! Take Care ;o)

Heather Henry said...

I love the look of your journal and I'm so, so sorry to hear that they messed it up. I have to say, I always fear leaving any of my art work with the printers, I really don't trust them to handle it the way I would. It sounds like you are making something good out of it though and that is awesome. It really is beautiful and i'm so excited that you are able to work with the gallery and they're working with you too! Hooray!!! Big hugs!

Heather Henry said...
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Terri Morse said...

It must have been so frustrating to entrust your beautiful work to someone, only to have them mess it up. I am sure the gallery will be able to see the value of your work in the prototype. I admire you for all of the hard work you are doing! -Hugs, Terri