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October 29, 2012

lost in time...

I save every single piece of clean-up paper towel from my projects. After painting I have all of these messy, colorful papers hanging from every inch of my easel (and yes I can be that messy!).

Meet the newest, "clean-up paper towel" art.
She is named "Lady Lost In Time".

Using clean-up paper towels is so fun and creative.
Your imagination will find the picture wanting to emerge.

First, the paper towel is affixed to a board, canvas, or watercolor paper
using your favorite collage medium. I used Golden's Soft Gel Gloss.

Its difficult to see the deep textures created by the paper towel and gel medium

Once the paper towel is dried I rotated the board until I could see the picture emerging.

Then just add a little bit of watercolor, using the same colors that are in the paper towel.
Watercolor has a cool effect when used over the gloss gel medium.

Since she will be entered into the upcoming Christmas Show at our local Art Space for consideration, I had to get her matted and framed. Here is a HUGE SHOUT OUT to Aaron Brothers Art & Framing.
Aaron Brothers always helps me get just the right mat and frame, especially for entering my art in shows.
The staff have a great sense of color, something I totally lack.

So here is Lady Lost In Time, matted and framed and ready to go...
(well maybe, I am getting a little attached to her)

As normal for me, my lack of patience and photo skills really do not show the deep textures, color and details of the paper towel or the finished piece.

The first one I ever did was Hummingbird Lady.

Its a creative and fun way to recycle acrylic paint clean-up papers along with (for me at least) getting those imagination juices flowing when I have been in a non-creative mood!

Try and let me know what happens.

Have a Marvelous, Messy Monday!


Heather Henry said...

Wow, I really like both of those pictures. What a cool process. I've never tried that gel gloss, but I'd like to give the whole thing a try, seems like it would really open up the creative mind. And it would alleviate the need of trying to fill in the empty spaces, which my pictures always seem to have.
I really love the hummingbird one, the bird turned out beautifully. Have you framed that one too? You should enter it as well. Very gorgeous. I'm so glad to see your posts. Yay! Miss you and hope you are well!

Magic Love Crow said...

Fantastic my friend!!! This is so cool! I have to try and do this and see if a crow appears to me!!! You will do great at the show! Big Hugs and Happy Halloween!

Terri Morse said...

Robin, your faces are something quite special! I am truly admiring your paper towel art. Your work is inspired and original! It looks wonderful matted and framed. You're on a roll, my friend :) Hugs, Terri