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October 04, 2012

is summer over yet...

I was so happy when warm weather came our way.
I rejoiced in the heat while my friends complained.
I drove around with my windows down, even though I had air conditioning.
I always enjoy Summer!

However when the beginning of October is almost 100 degrees here,
something is just wrong.
As much as I enjoy Summer, Autumn is my favorite season.
And I am ready for the Fall season to begin.

I think between the weird weather, back epidurals and not feeling well,
not much creating has been accomplished lately.
One thing I have half-done is a handmade journal.

I am using 5"x8" blue, grey, pink and green pastel textured cardstock for the pages and adding lines and images with matching colored pencil. Then going over the image with a very light touch of glitter watercolor.
The journal will either be spiral-bound or hole punched and use twine to bind it together.
I still have to make the cover and the back using watercolor paper, collage and paint.

There are such easier ways to make handmade journals and I think it's the drugs I was on that started me in this direction...it must have been because this is a lot of work.
At least it can be done from a recliner.

I have a question about the "NEW" blogger.
How do you add someone's badge to your blog?
I want to add her Badge to my blog and I cannot figure it out anymore???

Please comment or send me an e-mail if you know how.
Either way, check out her site.
Traci ROCKS when it comes to getting creative!

I've opened the windows and feel a cool breeze coming in.
Tomorrow is suppose to be in the 70's, YAY!!!
Have a great evening.


Magic Love Crow said...

Hey my friend ;o) Great to hear from you! Have you figured out how to do the badge? Didn't know if you asked Traci? If you haven't got any help, let me know, and, I will try to help you ;o) I am very basic, when I explain things! LOL! Big Hugs ;o)

Heather Henry said...

Hooray for Fall weather, it finally seems to be creeping in, although has definitely taken it's time here too. The leaves are beginning to change and the past two days have begun with a lovely thick fog. Yay!!!
I hope you are doing well and getting a chance to draw, dream and create. Your journals sound like fun and I hope you'll get them all finished for Christmas.
I need to get back to you on email. I've been a bit overwhelmed lately.
Big hugs and peace & blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

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