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August 10, 2012

her name is hidden...

Happy Friday!

I just finished this painting yesterday.
Her name is Hidden.

She's much prettier in person. I had a hard time getting a good picture of her (maybe that's why her name fits so well) and she still needs a coat of gel medium and sealant which I think I left in storage...ooops!
(Now those are the items you don't leave in storage; they rank up there with paint, clothes, toothbrush and deodorant, haha!)

I took the original 9"x11" drawings, glued it onto an 11"x14" canvas, drew the edges out onto the canvas then painted with watercolor.

She already has a home as soon as she is completed.

I want to thank everyone for their encouraging words, advice, support and friendship! It really has helped me get through so many days! Big hugs to all of you!

Now I am ready to paint with some acrylics! What projects are you working on?
Have a great weekend...

1 comment:

Magic Love Crow said...

Your painting turned out beautiful! So happy she already has a home! I have to say, you sound great in this post! Very positive! I can see you smiling! Yeh ;o)
I'm working on Autumn crow paintings ;o)