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July 02, 2012

i'm on exhibit...

Two of my paintings were approved, have been hung and (deep breath) for sale at this month's exhibit at the El Dorado Art Council's ArtSpace!
My son Philip and I went downtown to see them and take some pictures to share!

Philip is an awesome photographer. I have been telling him to enter his photos for years,
so who better to take with me, right? Plus he and his brother Jacob are my biggest fans!
I tried taking a couple of pictures myself. With the lights and fans reflecting in the glass I handed the camera over to Philip.

Oddly none of the pictures came out. The ArtSpace is closed today so we will go back later this week and try again. I believe in "all things happen for a reason"
so there must be a reason I need to go back.

Here are the ones that were chosen. I would have entered more however most everything I have done is in storage. These just happened to be in my portfolio in the back of my car along with the pencil and ink drawings I have been doing.

I was amazed at the transformation of these two paintings once they were matted and framed!
And then to see them in this month's exhibit! WOW!

I am still in shock. Now I want to paint again! I'm still staying at my girlfriend's house on her couch. I am so grateful to her for a roof over my head, internet access (smiles) and the great love and comfort she has given me through this difficult time. Even though it's really getting hot outside I could take my stand up easel out there and paint a little! I really want to get back to being me again.

My chiroprator has been treating me which has been keeping me walking. She is terrific and very honest as she told me that there was just too much damage for her to fix, I needed a specialist and possibly a surgeon.

So I prayed! Something had to give. I know God never gives us more than we can handle however I have wondered about this lately.

Then more good news came! I was accepted into a major hospial's program for uninsured patients. A spine surgeon reviewed my case and set me up as a patient with their orthopedic doctors!
What a blessing! God always shows up, and prayers are always answered.

Hope your Monday is full of Beautiful Blessings!


Li said...

Awesome news, all of it! So excited your art is on display. very best of wishes and healing vibes for you - I hope the hospital program is top-notch and that they take good care of you. (((hugs))) Li

Magic Love Crow said...

I am doing a happy dance about your art and your back! Yeh!!! Big Hugs ;o) I have to say, these two paintings are totally different from what you have shown on your blog! They are stunning! You will sell them ;o) Take Care of yourself!! xoxox Sending good positive thoughts your way and healing energy ;o)

Heather Henry said...

I am soo, soo excited for you! Wow!!! You are doing it!! That is such an awesome achievement and I hope you can get some pics of the exhibit, I would love to see them. Hooray!!! I love the paintings, they're really pretty and have such depth. Big hugs to you and super congrats!

~Rasz~ said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your wonderful comments and continued support. You are the most beautiful women and I appreciate all you do! Bug Hugs!